Thursday (1-2):
Everything is asymmetric today - plaid pleated asymmetric top from Zara, mesh long sleeve body under it for warmth, wrap trousers from a local brand, asymmetric cardigan for warmth as it is still chilly. This is my favorite outfit from the week because it features items that took me long time to find. The Zara top is a real treasure - has waist but only slides over it without being skin tight. It's plaid and has such irregular shape that eye can never be bored. Only regret is the boots - I should've worn the boots from Wednesday but didn't think about them in the morning rush to get out on time. Oh well, no one will notice and I'll stick a note in my outfits app "wear these pants with the Hispanitas boots next time!"

Friday (3-4):

ChristelJ's comment in my previous tread about combining RATE with luxe elements like jackets made me remember something from my childhood. When I was a teenager my absolute favorite band was Roxette and the lead singer was my idol. Of course I wanted to look exactly like her - spiky hair, leather biker jackets and all. One outfit of hers I remember vividly to this day. It was for an interview for their new album and she was wearing double breasted pinstripe suit jacket with dark red plush wide leg pants. I was smitten with the unheard at that time juxtaposition of hard business blazer and soft pants and was literally obsessed with this outfit. It was the only thing I wanted to wear. Of course neither my closet or the shops at the time could provide the items for it. So I used what I had - high waisted beige corduroys and brown plaid suit jacket from my moms wardrobe. The pads were gigantic on me but I didn’t care. In my mind I looked like Marie Fredriksson even though I had to spend my time in the boring classroom and that was all that mattered.

I realized that now I have all the pieces to finally put together a decent version of that ensemble only in reverse - pin stripe trousers with red velvet jacket. Decided to wear it today as nothing could be more me than the replication of a look that has inspired my taste for decades.

Thanks for looking and HUGE thanks to Angie for coming up with this challenge. I had fun and learned a lot about my way of dressing and how much I let other's opinion to influence my decisions. The challenge also brought so much beautiful and inspirational posts that reading and watching the forum this week is a spectacular experience.

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