I have, since late spring, been trying to get a really good grip on a a wardrobe that would give me utility and the aesthetic that I like. Mo's numbers regarding the number of outfits that can me made out of individual pieces and Claire's 10 piece wardrobe just really got me to thinking. I was sick and tired of the seasonal switch out : the laundry, the ironing, the storage....not that it was that much, but it took me longer than 1/2 hour. I also became overwhelmed by the sheer number of outfits that I could make. This is the post that started me off when I realized that I wore almost everything on it ( except khakis ). http://www.theviviennefiles.co.....drobe.html Finally, after months of experimenting and cruising the web a whole lot, I have come to this :

4 capsules :
1 dressy
1 activity ( hiking, biking, kayaking)
1 coat/topper ( things that I really love and need for long winters )
and what I am calling my "common core" capsule.

My common core is the bones of my wardrobe. It consists of the following for winter :

2 jeans ( one straight, one skinny )
Gap always straight black pants
1 wool skirt
2 color pants ( in this case, off white cords and a burgundy cotton with tiny polka dots )
1 Oxford striped shirt
1 chambray shirt
1 black blouse with velvet black polka dots
1 striped T
1 navy blazer
1 black blazer
1 color blazer ( deep rose in wool with navy piping )
1 grey cashmere cardigan ( long )
1 black cashmere cardigan ( long )
1 grey merino wool t shirt
1 black merino wool t shirt
1 grey cashmere pullover
1 black cashmere pullover
1 black vest

It is a long list for sartorial scaffolding. But this is working really, really well for me. I am very happy with it. Now, this isn't it. I have other things and there are rules.

My scaffolding/bones colors are grey, black and denim.

My main colors are navy, greens ( bottle green, olive ) and gem colored reds with teals, other greens and purple as accents. It all needs to mix. And it gives me some of my absolute favorite color combinations.

I have culled my wardrobe to pretty much reflect this. I have about 45 pieces altogether, just clothes. Then there are tons of scarves in all colors and jewelry. I think that it may still be too much for winter, considering that I am a SAHM. But I am going to try it and see what happens for winter.

Any observations, suggestions ? I would be grateful !