I wear my black wrap dress as I write this, and strangely enough I still feel good about it. I would never have thought that before I started. As you might know, I intend to wear it today and tomorrow as well. Then it will be a relief to put on some pants on Monday!

I know you have read a lot about this dress already, so I'll keep it short(er) today:)

#1: Day 1-3
#2: Day 4-5 (two outfits Friday, day & night. The one in the middle is for going out)
#3: Day 6-7: The weekend. Three outfits.

About #3: They are in the wrong order, sorry! Green blazer outfit: Running errands. Very cold today, so I had my blue puffer over this. I also needed warmer boots. The version with jeggings and grey scarf is for lounging, and I do wear house shoes, but they are too ugly to be exposed on YLF - heh he. Outfit with grey ruffle blouse: We are going to my MIL tomorrow for dinner, and this is what I'm wearing.

If you want a recap of all the outfits with more details, please have a look at my evernote: https://www.evernote.com/shard.....66f0f6111f

Thank you, all fabbers, for being so supportive and encouraging during this little project. What I take away from it is that when you limit access to what you can choose between in your wardrobe, it is a lot easier to be creative with what you actually have. I am a bit surprised that the dress looks this different in the various outfits. Food for thought, I'd say.

Again, thank you Sona and Shannon for creating and moderating the challenge.
Your comments and thoughts are very interesting to me, as always.

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