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Travel Capsule for VA late Sept

Collection by Chris987

Worked out quite well. Wished for a denim jacket equivalant not all n denim but not a classic blazer, dressy black flats and nicer walking shoes. Wed 9/26 - Mon 10/1. 2 travel days, 5 days/nights total. Temps avg high of 80, low of 60 in late Sept. Backpack, grey cross body. denim jacket, purple zip sweatshirt, black checked blazer, 3 prs jeans, 1 pr slacks, 3 tshirts, 1 tank, 2 long sl blouses, loafers, 2 pr, sandals: : Extras: black raincoat, umbrella, bathing suit, denim shorts, SPF hiking hat, Red sox hat. Minimal jewelry, a scarf or two. Sleepwear, undies, socks. Also brought black flat house shoes.