Dark With a Colourful Kick

I enjoy wearing black with dark blue, but add a bit of a kick so that the visual effect isn’t quite so dark. Of course, you may prefer to keep the combination dark and that works too.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Dark With a Colourful Kick

Black, Cinnamon and Red

I liked the colour combination and practical silhouette of this outfit. Black looks great with shades of cinnamon and toffee. The dash of red adds a playful touch. You could pull together a similar look shopping your closet. Feel free to substitute black with dark blue if that’s more to your taste. Use any shade of red.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Black, Cinnamon and Red

Sweatshirt and Pencil Skirt

I liked the way this dressy skirt was styled with a casual sweatshirt and sneakers. A fun Sporty Luxe combination that smacks of 2018. Our current fashion era celebrates irregular outfit juxtaposition so this is on point. It’s one way to take the bombshell and twee out of a pencil skirt, and make it more practical and comfortable to wear.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Sweatshirt and Pencil Skirt

Olive All Over

This week’s ensemble features tonal olive from head to toe, or almost head to toe. It’s a new-for-me vibe that I thoroughly enjoyed wearing last week when I met Sally and Audi in person for the first time.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Olive All Over

Texture Rich in Winter

Get the creative juices flowing in Winter by pulling together outfits that incorporate a wide assortment of textures. There’s tweed, velvet, faux fur, mesh, suede, leather, beading, embroidery, metallics, silk, hosiery, saddle-stitching, patent, pom-poms, mesh, woolly yarns, stitch interest, cashmere, lace, plaids, tortoiseshell, hardware, studs and jewellery.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Texture Rich in Winter