Tonal Column of Colour

This ensemble was inspired by an outfit I wore last week. I combined tomato red lace pants (the ones I wore at Christmas) with an old tomato red blouse. The reds look different in the photos, but in person they are a good match. I added a coral jacket, coral scarf, pearls, and blush shoes and bag.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Tonal Column of Colour

Cool Spring Emerald

Emerald green is having its fashion moment. As a bright with a somewhat acidic integrity, it’s usually more popular with those who enjoy warm colours. But you cannot see a colour in isolation because it’s greatly affected by the colours around it.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Cool Spring Emerald

Black & Light Blue

I’m generally not a fan of ‘90s fashion, but one of the things I remember fondly was the resurgence of light blue, and how well it worked with black. The ensemble here is based on that memory. I threw in some pearl grey to lighten the palette for those who aren’t that fond of black.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Black & Light Blue

A No-Nonsense Classic

This is a combination you’re familiar with because it’s a classic. Fashion blogger Mary from Memorandum wears the look beautifully. The Boden model on the right showcases a simpler, and more casual rendition.

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Ensemble Style Advice - A No-Nonsense Classic

Blazers and Bootcuts

Since I’m craving structure and conventional outfit proportions on this leg of my style journey, I’ve been wearing my old Love Story jeans with a structured blazer quite a bit recently. I’m LOVING the combination.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Blazers and Bootcuts