Looking Forward to White after Labor Day

I’m in favour of wearing white jeans year round. We wear black in Summer, so why can’t we wear white in Winter! White is the colour of snow, looks fresh and modern no matter what, and functions as a bright.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Looking Forward to White after Labor Day

Tonal Column of Colour

This ensemble was inspired by an outfit I wore last week. I combined tomato red lace pants (the ones I wore at Christmas) with an old tomato red blouse. The reds look different in the photos, but in person they are a good match. I added a coral jacket, coral scarf, pearls, and blush shoes and bag.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Tonal Column of Colour

Cool Spring Emerald

Emerald green is having its fashion moment. As a bright with a somewhat acidic integrity, it’s usually more popular with those who enjoy warm colours. But you cannot see a colour in isolation because it’s greatly affected by the colours around it.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Cool Spring Emerald

Black & Light Blue

I’m generally not a fan of ‘90s fashion, but one of the things I remember fondly was the resurgence of light blue, and how well it worked with black. The ensemble here is based on that memory. I threw in some pearl grey to lighten the palette for those who aren’t that fond of black.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Black & Light Blue

A No-Nonsense Classic

This is a combination you’re familiar with because it’s a classic. Fashion blogger Mary from Memorandum wears the look beautifully. The Boden model on the right showcases a simpler, and more casual rendition.

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Ensemble Style Advice - A No-Nonsense Classic