Utility Pretty

This ensemble was inspired by a wild card birthday present from Greg: a pair of Vince Zip Ankle Utility Pants in dark olive. He chose them because I have nothing like that in my closet, and he fancies the idea of me sporting the look. Why not! I instantly loved them because they’re very tailored, have fun zippers on the ankles, and the olive is more brown than green. The length is perfect, hitting me an inch above the ankle bone.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Utility Pretty

Easy Summer Denim Skirt

This ensemble was inspired by my own denim skirt outfit that I’ve worn twice over the last fortnight. It combines a denim midi skirt with a cropped cotton pullover, dressy flat loafers and a structured tote. The denim skirt finishes right under my kneecap. To my eye, the flats work well with the midi length because it’s tapered at the side seams, thereby adding even more structure to the fit.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Easy Summer Denim Skirt

Shorts & Boho Blouse

This ensemble was inspired by clients who have sworn off wearing T-shirts with shorts in the Summer because the combination doesn’t make them feel fab. They love to wear shorts, but they just don’t feel good in T-shirts despite the fact that they are easy to launder and affordable.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Shorts & Boho Blouse

Fab Summer Dress

I’d love to have three months of non-stop warm weather. A dry and sunny 28 to 33 degrees Celsius would be ideal, but that’s unusual in Seattle. That’s why I don’t wear dresses all that frequently, and often sport them over cropped pants and jeans, with some sort of topper and closed-toe shoes.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Fab Summer Dress

Dark Summer Floral

This ensemble was inspired by clients of mine who enjoy wearing florals with black backgrounds because the effect is more Hard Edge. A black background tempers the priss, twee and pretty, which is what they dislike about wearing florals in other colours. Florals with black backgrounds are easy to pair with black footwear, which complements the Hard Edge theme.

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Ensemble Style Advice - Dark Summer Floral