July 2020

Fashion News Roundup: July 2020

Plenty of sneaker news, sustainable jeans, and other style stories that caught our attention in July. New online beauty marketplace …


Link Love: Voices of Disability in Fashion

I recently came across the Voices of Disability series on Refinery29, and encourage you to have a read: The fashion industry ignores …


Switching Back to CeraVe Facial Products

CeraVe beauty products were recommended by our dermatologist about ten years ago, and I used them for years because they worked well …


Team Athleisure or Team Jeans

Athleisure bottoms are leggings, workout pants and shorts, joggers, skorts, and any type of sporty or travel bottom made of technical …




Link Love: Changing Style Priorities During the Pandemic

For many of us, the pandemic is changing the way we dress, and present ourselves to the world. This week, I’ve collected some …


My Favourite Mineral Sunscreens for 2020

Choosing a sunscreen is tricky because you can find fault with almost every one of them. Harmful chemicals, skin irritations, …


The Pros and Cons of Technical Fabrics

Technical fabrics are designed for FUNCTION as opposed to aesthetics. They are composed of synthetic fibres that are engineered to …


50 Years

Belting a T-Shirt Dress

A T-shirt dress can fit like a long straight T-shirt. It’s unstructured, comfortable, easy to launder, and an uncomplicated …


Link Love: Shopping and the New Normal

Depending on where you live, we’re seeing brick-and-mortar stores slowly starting to reopen. Fashion news outlets have been …


Passing Items On in Excellent Condition

It used to be the norm to keep wardrobe items until they were too worn to wear. For one thing, it’s financially responsible. …


Boho Vibes in Summer

I’ve noticed that as the weather warms up, my clients with an otherwise un-bohemian style, are more than happy to add a boho …