This new-to-her outfit formula really resonated with one of my clients at an outfit creation session last week. It combines long over lean with a short topper and pretty footwear. Here is the formula:

Interesting Tunic + Skinnies + Short Topper + Heels

My client’s woven and knitted tunics have interesting asymmetrical detailing and drape like a dream. The one I’m using here is the layered asymmetric tunic from White House Black Market that looks even better in motion. The sleek bottoms, either skinny jeans or Lyssé leggings, offset the volume of the soft, flowing tunic. The footwear was either heeled booties or pumps. The heels offset the length of the tunic at my client’s almost petite height, while the narrow hem of the skinnies showcased the style of the shoe. The toppers were short, faux leather jackets, thereby maximizing the multiple layers of the outfit and the movement of the drapey tunic. 

Here are two renditions of the outfit formula that we put together. All the pieces are the EXACT items that we used from her closet apart from the jeans, black bag and black booties, which are very similar to the pieces owned by my client. 

Outfit 1

We used a column of ink blue and black in the first combination. A black camisole added warmth under the tunic. The extra drapey black faux leather wrap jacket added even more interesting layers and textures to the outfit. My client prefers refined, ladylike and dainty footwear, but you could add a chunky pair of shoes if that’s more to your taste.

We finished off the outfit with a clutch because she was going out that evening, but feel free to use any style of bag. It’s Winter so my client needed her red coat to go over the top while she was outside. The cocoon shape of the coat is a brilliant style because it’s sufficiently roomy to layer over a multilayered outfit.

Outfit 2

As an alternative, we broke up the outer column of colour and added a contrasting topper and booties in taupe and cream. It dressed down the look a little, making it more appropriate for a less dressy setting. To my eye, the contrast pieces made the look a little more unexpected and fun.

We finished off the outfit with the same roomy red cocoon coat but with a more casual black “everyday” satchel.

These are merely two renditions of this extremely comfortable outfit formula that you can take into many different directions. For starters, you can wear straight leg, bootcut or cropped denim jeans with the tunics. You can also choose any colour palette, and there is no need to stick to a column of colour. Create tonal or high-contrast versions instead. The high-contrast versions might need a little more forethought if you’re concerned about a short leg line. Substitute the short jacket for a short cardigan. And last, you can wear flats, but be mindful about how that affects your leg line. Add jewellery, eyewear, scarf, headgear and watch as desired.