Bootcut jeans and trousers are thought of as universally flattering and always in style. Generally, I agree with this statement. Bootcuts are not the on trend choice of jeans and trousers, but they are certainly not dated. They are a classic with a high longevity factor. 

As far as the style being universally flattering, I think we all have the potential to look fabulous in a pair of bootcut jeans or trousers when we find the right fit. But the jury is still out on whether they are more flattering than a pair of straight leg jeans or trousers. I do have clients who to my eye look better in bootcuts than in straight legs. Some have a relatively large bust, broad shoulder line, and narrow hips and thighs. In their case bootcuts provide volume on the lower leg, which balances out the top and bottom parts of the body. Others are pear shaped and look particularly fabulous in bootcuts because wider hems balance out the proportions of relatively larger hips and thighs. 

Although the general silhouette of bootcuts is the same, namely fitted through the thigh and flaring out on the lower leg, there are subtle differences in cut that are worth noting. First, some styles flare out more dramatically at the hems than others, and sometimes a less flared style looks more streamlined. Second, the fit on the thigh can be body con or tailored, or even on the loose side of tailored. Third, the rise can be low, mid or high. And fourth, fabric distinctions are important because they determine the dress code appropriateness and impact overall fit. Bootcuts can be made of denim, wool, wool blends, cotton blends, man-made fibres, and have some or no stretch. It’s a question of choosing which cut in a particular fabrication works best for you. 

On the whole, most of my clients are favouring skinnies, straight legs and boyfriend styles over bootcut jeans because they feel more fashionable than the classic. But dressier bootcut trousers are still being worn very regularly by my clientele, especially in business casual and business formal work environments. It’s an easy go-to trouser silhouette that always looks professional and appropriate. 

I fall into this category too. I last wore a pair of bootcut jeans in 2011 and have no desire to wear the one pair that hangs in my closet. In fact, I am thinking about passing them on because I much prefer wearing trendier straight legs and baggier styles like boyfriend jeans. That said I LOVE wearing my bootcut trousers, of which I have three pairs. There is something about wearing bootcuts in dressy fabrications that tickles my fancy more than wearing a similar silhouette in denim. I feel elegant in a pair of bootcut trousers, but ever so slightly frumpy in bootcut jeans. 

Over to you. Do you think bootcuts are universally flattering? Do you wear bootcut jeans and trousers? If so, why do you like wearing bootcuts? If not, why do you prefer other styles of jeans and trousers to bootcuts?