This BIG scarf has been around for a while and is yet another nod to the growing oversized trend. It is bulky and large in the extreme. Some scarf shapes are rectangular with two ends, while others are circular or “infinity” style with no ends. 

Oversized scarves are usually made of chunky knits. But a huge wrap made of substantial finer gauge wool or similar fabrication can achieve the same oversized look when wrapped around the neck a couple of times. In other words, wear a shawl like a scarf to create the same look. 

The big scarf is easy to wear for long necked gals who have short hair and small to regular bust lines. Long hair that is tied back into a ponytail or bun makes the big scarf easy to wear too. Or as most of these photos show, wrap the scarf over long hair, thereby covering it’s length if you prefer to leave it down.

This brings us to how to wear oversized scarves with a shorter neck and larger bust. Tying the scarf more loosely around the neck instead of right up against it will elongate the length of the neck. It’s easier to control this drape with a scarf that has two ends. As far as the larger bust line goes, a huge cashmere shawl (like the purple example below) when tied like a scarf is less bulky than an oversized chunky knit scarf. 

That said, there is no getting away from the bulk. If you’re concerned about adding bulk to your bust line, stick to fine gauge knit or silky scarves that collapse back onto the body. 

Personally, I love to wear big scarves and I’m on the hunt for an extremely bulky knit that doesn’t scratch my skin. I feel cozy and comfortable in the look, plus they are an ideal way to keep extra warm. I like a big scarf best over a leather jacket or wool blazer because then it takes centre stage. A shorter jacket also seems to balance out the bulk of the scarf, whereas a long coat adds even more bulk to your silhouette. Of course, I still like big scarves worn with long coats, and wear that combination too. 

What’s your take on the big scarf? Do you wear them, or do they add too much bulk on the bust line? Does your hair get in the way? If you are petite, do you feel overwhelmed wearing a big scarf?

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