Anyone play with Smurfs and Smurfettes when they were little? These stylish Surfettes are accessorized to the hilt, which Anna thought made for a fun fashion shoot.

Style never goes out of Fashion as AdvancedStyle shows fabulous women rocking their looks over the age of 80. Rosee really likes the way these ladies wear their clothes.

Taylor, our Captain of Team Heels, was impressed with this guide on how to take care of her beautiful heeled shoes.

Lisa was looking for outfit inspiration for her white jeans and came across this guide from denim debutante. The adorable white kitty stole her heart.

This bold outfit from from Citizen Couture, worn by a hat designer, intrigued Jonesy because of it’s many interesting elements.

Kyle likes Florida localĀ J’s Everday Fashion, because her outfits are real world and budget conscious.

Imogen’s question on why we hate our stomachs so much had a positive effect on Queen Mum, who thereafter embraced her own lovely tummy.

Rae was mesmerized by the intricacy of these woven Prada pumps. Different colours, checks and stripes. They inspire a lust so strong it trumps fiscal sanity.

Inge liked Fashionista’s take on the 10 Best Fashion Illustration Blogs. They interpret current fashion trends and portray people in the fashion industry. Fun!

Alicat is crazy for Mrs. O’s style.

Patti Smith’s Uniform on Tomboy Style was inspiring to Desmo April in light of a great recent forum discussion on the meaning of androgynous style.

Mo, who awaits the arrival of her own LBD, thought that these 5 ways to style a LBD were both achievable and well illustrated.

Maryk liked Jennette’s post on how to edit your closet when your weight keeps on fluctuating.

And last but not least, I loved Mrseccentric’s rugged yet chic look, and was even more impressed when I read that she made the blouse!