Has anyone noticed some of the exorbitantly priced items available at J.Crew’s online store? We’re talking extremely high prices, like $650 for a pair of sequin harem pants, $795 for a pair of moped suede pants, $1200 for a cashmere cocoon pullover, and $1495 for a Francesca dress (all pictured below).

I’ve seen these high priced items at J.Crew for a few seasons and have always wondered, what’s THAT all about?  It’s seems very odd that a mainstream brand like J.Crew is offering items at prêt-à-porter and couture prices right alongside its regular priced items, which are often a tenth of the price!

For me the price rhythm of their merchandise seems out of whack. In my experience, people who pay over a thousand dollars for a clothing item usually aspire to something higher-end than the J.Crew label. They pay those prices for high-end designer brands, and all the status, exclusivity and quality associated with that.

It is possible that this is part of their brand strategy. That a smattering of premium items will give them exclusivity that spills over to their mainstream range.

I would love to know what’s behind J.Crew’s somewhat bizarre pricing strategy. Any ideas?