There were lots of nay sayers for the shaggy vest, but what about the big faux fur coat? Cozy, comfy, very dramatic, fun and ever so retro. I vote yay, but with conditions.

First, the coats have to fit well. I’m all for boxy looks for certain items, but the big faux fur coat isn’t one of them. This type of bulky coat has to at least look tailored on the shoulders and in the sleeves – otherwise the coat is wearing you. If the sleeves are wide, they look more streamlined cropped to around the elbow. Waist definition is not a must for trapeze cuts but a certain amount of structure is essential. There are many oversized and untailored versions being sported and sold as the height of fashion at the moment and I don’t fancy that look at all.

Second, the quality of the faux fur has to be just right. It needn’t look like real fur but I don’t want it to look like a blanket or teddy bear either. Difficult to explain but I’ll know it when I see it.

Third, I’ve shown leopard prints below but that’s not your only option. Faux sable, mink, fox or rabbit fur is just as fab and that’s the way I would go if I bumped into the perfect big faux fur coat.

I recently had a client in a long faux fur coat very similar to the Weatherproof topper below (we found it at the Rack). It was in a richer brown sans the white bits which matched my clients Autumn colouring perfectly. She looked sensational! The client is a spunky Mum on the go and part time real estate agent  who wears the coat over everything from jeans and a pullover, to a dressy frock. Fabulously fun.

Do you vote yay or nay on the big faux fur coat? If it’s “yay”, be sure to take a look at two new additions I recently made to the the YLF store: the Sashimi Faux Fur Jacket and the Weatherproof Faux Fur Coat.