More and more 90’s inspired fashion is making its way into stores. So seeing as we are in the midst of a 90’s fashion revival, let’s look back on the fab and the not-so-fab 90’s looks. Here is my take. Please add your own rants and raves in the comments.

Fab 90’s fashion:

  1. Boot cut jeans and trousers – the quintessential all time flattering cut.
  2. Stretch fabrications – a technological revelation.
  3. Combat boots – love, love, love!
  4. Short ditsy floral dresses – flirty and fun.
  5. Strappy dresses worn over T’s – practical, casual and quite ageless. Girls and women of all ages were wearing this look and pulled it off.
  6. Knee-length knife pleated skirts – so feminine.
  7. All-black power suits – I wore far too much black in the 90’s and I have these power suits to thank for it.
  8. Low heel heights – happy feet.
  9. Twin sets – cheeky, retro and lady like.
  10. Wedged sneakers – cool and different.
  11. Square toed footwear – arty.
  12. Chunky heels – my favourite kind of heel.
  13. Grunge – even I bought into the whole plaid shirt thing, just for Eddie Vedder.

Not-so-fab 90’s fashion:

  1. Palazzo pants –  especially pleated styles that finished a few inches above the ankle or just below the calf. Too much fabric for my liking.
  2. Opaque tights – I owned exactly one pair, wore them once and never again.
  3. Super low rise jeans – plumbers bottom, no thank you.
  4. Baggy cargo pocket pants – have never been a fan of this look on gals but think it’s sweet on blokes.
  5. Short tops – too drafty, too revealing, too uncomfortable.
  6. Baby T’s – too juvenile.
  7. Cartoon characters on everything – it was fun for a season but became complete overkill.
  8. Maxi skirts – a hard look to pull off.
  9. Mid calf length dresses – another hard too to pull off.
  10. Scrunchies – I can’t believe I wore them all the time.
  11. Overly short A-line skirts – I never felt fab in these and can’t understand why I wore them.
  12. Hectically ripped jeans – I don’t get it.
  13. Lots and lots and lots of grey – if you think there is too much grey now, think back to how it was 15 years ago.

The 90’s had its fashion highlights. It toned down the big hair and clown-ish make up looks of the 80’s and paved the way for the truly versatile and modern fashion of the 00’s. I’m enjoying the improved incarnations of 90’s fashion as they re-enter the mainstream and I’m trying to keep an open mind about the looks I didn’t fancy last time around.