No matter how on top of your wardrobe you are, there are some gaps that never seem to go away. But these gaps are not always about what you need. Sometimes they are more about what you want. Either way, you just can’t seem to get enough of the item.

Here are examples of both from my wardrobe:

  • Need: I just can’t get enough knitwear. I live in a climate where we wear knitwear a good nine months of the year, and I’m always cold. But my allergic reactions to wool are no fun, and it’s hard to find fabulous knitwear that’s warm but does not itch. I also won’t pay a premium price for knitwear because it ends up pilling most of the time anyway. It would also be really nice to get knitwear in a few more colours — I’m sick of grey and black knitwear and have reached the stage where I do not want to purchase any more, even though I actually need it.
  • Want: I just can’t get enough handbags: I have far too many of these wonderful accessories, but I’m not counting. At least I’m quite strict about getting rid of an old one when a new one comes into my closet. I’m emotional and irrational about handbags and I always want more.

Over to you. What items can you just not get enough of, and are they “wants” or “needs”?

By the way, I bopped in my chair to this song while I was writing the above. There is NOTHING like good 80’s music accompanied by a corny video. It might be a strange love, but I also just can’t seem to get enough of Depeche Mode.