There are two looks I see every season that don’t seem practical. Both involve mixing cold and warm weather items into one outfit. It seems that if you wore one of the items, it would be too hot or cold for the other.

  • Strappy Summer dress with heavy knee-high boots: I’m talking about a skimpy little frock that you’d normally wear in the warmest of weather without a layering cardigan or jacket. If it’s hot enough to wear a light, breezy dress, wouldn’t you be boiling in boots?
  • Coat, knitwear and pants with sandals: I’m taking about a Winter coat, a cozy knit, jeans and flipflops or strappy sandals. If it’s cold enough to wear a coat and knitwear, surely you need a closed-toe shoe to keep your feet warm.

I can get my head around the three-quarter sleeved coat because you can layer long-sleeved items underneath, or wear long gloves. This is a great option for milder Winter weather or Autumn weather. But I just don’t understand the combinations above. Am I missing something?