At this time of year, those of us who celebrate Christmas spend a lot of energy thinking about gifts for other people. So let’s take a selfish moment to think about ourselves. What would you like to see under the Christmas tree with your name on it?

You can keep your wish list to all things style and fashion if you like, but feel free to share every last detail. I’ll go first:

  • Puffer coat – I actually know this is under the tree because I put it there. Sometimes, you need to be a little extra assertive.
  • Knitwear, knitwear, knitwear – it takes a long time to warm up in Seattle and extra knitwear is always a wardrobe welcome.
  • Cashmere lined leather gloves – A pair in black (like these) is just what I’m looking for. I’ve tried them, they fit perfectly in length and width and  do not itch. They’ll make a nice neutral change to my thermal lined mustard leather gloves that have seen better days.
  • Red wine glasses – I keep breaking them so we are down to two, which was a little embarrassing at our last dinner party.
  • Cheese knives – An assortment of the miniature individual ones that spread soft cheese would be good.

At the rate at which it has been snowing in Seattle, I might need to add a pair of snow boots to this list. Also, gifts like teapots, citrusy scented candles, cookbooks, delicatessen food products and exquisite olive oil always make me smile. I hope you’re listening Santa Claus. I promise I’ve been nice all year.

Ok, over to you. What’s on your list?