Opaque tights go hand in hand with mini’s and ankle booties. They are ultra-thick nylon stockings that almost look like support hose. They come in an assortment of colours with black being the most versatile and popular.

They also come in two thicknesses – normal and semi. Both are worth considering:

  • Normal – will keep you warmer and offer you better coverage. They give you the slimming effect of wearing stove pipes underneath your skirt or dress. The effect is dramatic and will therefore capture this season’s fashion moment more effectively than semi-opaque tights. They are a good idea if you are self conscious about your legs.
  • Semi – will not keep you as warm or offer you as good coverage; but tend to look more lady-like because of their slight sheerness. They have a classic look about them and are better suited to professional attire. 

Opaques are robust. They won’t snag easily and can be washed and worn over and over again. They’ll pill much sooner than they will snag and you’ll need to watch out for that. Enjoy the return of opaque tights!


You’ll find opaque tights (like these from JC Penny and Nordstrom) in department stores and drugstores for as little as $8.