Be kind to your body because it works hard for you! If it isn’t perfect, give it a chance to redeem itself by putting it into the best possible swimsuit style. Once again, it’s about showing off the best part of you and concealing the rest.

If you are a little bigger on the bottom:

  • You’ll look best in a one piece with dainty wrap. Your one piece should have broad structured straps, a strong neckline and top detail to create a balanced silhouette.
  • If you prefer a two piece, choose one with briefs that have sides of at least 3 inches. Keeping the bottom plain and the top patterned will de-emphasize the larger part of you.
  • Buy a bikini top and pair it up with board shorts instead.
  • Avoid skimpy bottoms, boy shorts and bottoms with lots of hip detail.  

If you have a little extra in the middle:

  • A one piece swimsuit with a built in tummy control panel is the best idea.
  • One piece suits with side or centre ruching (fabric that has been gathered and stitched to maintain a rippled appearance) will also do wonders. Draping will mask the area you would rather conceal.
  • Choose a patterned one piece as opposed to plain.
  • A patterned two-piece tankini will also do the trick.
  • Avoid bikinis.

If you are a little bigger on the top:

  • Under wired bikini bra tops will offer you extra support.
  • Double lined halter bikini tops with structured under bust bands and wide straps will hold your bust as well as show off cleavage!
  • One pieces need to have build in shelf bras or under wire foam support. Broader straps will be more comfortable then spaghetti straps that may cut into you.
  • Avoid strapless styles even if they have built in bras. 

  tummy_panel.jpg tummy_ruching.jpgunderwire.jpg

Bikini with plain brief and patterned top (, patterned one piece with tummy control panel (Land’s End), One piece with side-ruching for tummy concealment (Neiman Marcus), and one piece with built in underwire support for busty ladies (Neiman Marcus)

You won’t want to skimp when buying your swimsuit. Spend the money that you need to create your comfort and confidence. I’ve personally found joy in the Gottex range, which is available in most department stores. It’s an Israeli company that has been around for years and has won award after award for their excellent swimwear.