On April 25 (“Wedding Appropriate”) I said that Wedding-wear needs to be smart, relatively modest and any color but white. Today I’m going to be a bit more specific – what does one wear to a Spring morning wedding? 

There are lots of options, but here are my top 4 (in order):

  • A “floaty” summer dress – there is nothing more elegant, feminine and chic than a pretty knee length summer dress that flatters your body type and has movement when you walk. Add a dainty little clutch bag, vintage jewelry and strappy sandals and you’ll be the second best dressed person there.
  • A Knitted dress – a printed knee length knitted wrap dress (which you hopefully already have in your cupboard) makes for a more retro and funky alternative. Add chunky jewelry, high-wedge peek-toe shoes and a patent clutch and you’ll look fab.
  • Dressed up walk shorts – match a pair of knee length walk shorts with a lacy girly top, pearls and pointy toe shoes for a new and easy combination.
  • Jacket and skirt separates – marry a cropped short puffed sleeve jacket with an A-line or pencil skirt for a more versatile option. Add a broad waist belt for a bit of current edge. The jacket is a good investment as you’ll be able to wear it over jeans or pants to another occasion.  

floaty_macys1.jpg floaty_bebe1.jpg   movement_macys1.jpgknitted_macys1.jpg

Floaty elegance from Macy’s and Bebe. Summer dress with movement, and knitted wrap dress, both from Bloomingdales

walkshort_macys.jpg   jacketskirt_nordstrom.jpgpuffyjacket_nordstrom.jpg

Walk shorts from Macys. Jacket and skirt separates from Nordstrom.

Bear the following in mind with any of the above options:

  • Keep your bags small – you’ll ruin the elegance that you’ve created with anything big.
  • Avoid wearing black from head to toe – it’s a morning wedding, not going to a funeral. Rejoice with the newly weds and wear a cheerful colour. 
  • Wear your heels as high as you can go – it’s appropriate, dressy and more flattering with any skirt, dress or walk short, but… 
  • Don’t wear thin heels if the ceremony is on a lawn – pulling your heels out of the dirt isn’t very stylish!

I’d love to hear your wedding-wear suggestions as comments on this entry.