Tumble dryers are a marvelous invention, but unfortunately they tend to ruin our clothes. Our clothes shrink, loose shape and start to look worn long before they should. Clothing is relatively expensive and in order for us to look sharp and polished, it needs to remain looking pristine. Boxer shorts, undies, socks and pajamas are basically the only items that are going to survive a life of harsh tumble dry heat I’m afraid.

So what are the alternatives?

  • Invest in a collapsible garment rack (Target and Storables offer super options) and hang shirts, blouses, tops, pants and jeans on it to dry
  • Invest in wire shelving and lay your t-shirts and hand washed knitwear flat onto it to dry shaping them where necessary
  • Men’s shirts, smart dresses, suits and jackets will need to be dry-cleaned 

Once dry, you’ll have the choice of either ironing your clothing; or popping them into the dryer for a quick 7 minutes to get rid of creases that remain. The trick with the latter is that you’ll need to fold the garments immediately after taking them out of the dryer in order to prevent them from creasing again.

It certainly is going to take more effort caring for your clothes in this way – but the end result will be worth it. Have a bash at forming this new habit of drying your clothes and enjoy the fact that your clothing is the same length and colour as it was the day you first bought it. Trust me – your clothing will stay looking fab!

Garment Rack.jpg

Garment rack from Target