Checking in.

Retirement suits me:-), but boy is it busy! I haven't had much time to be active in the forum lately, but I have been keeping up with all of you


WIW: Date night.

DH and I finally got the chance to go on a proper date night together. It's been ages since we were just out together. He says we will make more


Tenue de dimanche

Aujourd'hui je portais une chemise blanche avec cravate bleu et pantalon noir j'aime beaucoup cette tenue

Austria: What I packed

Trip was for 10 days total, which included 4 days in Vienna and 2 days skiing in Kitsb├╝hel as well as travel time flying and driving. Overall

WiW: to meet Jo-Go

This is a follow up to this post: http://..... Sorry these photos are so horrible. I was hoping my BIL would send me some better pics he


WIW: Plaid tonal with boots

After my epic fail at last week I toned it down for this try. I shopped my closet and found some Grey Miz Mooz boots I forgot I had (yes I have

Beloved Leather Jacket!

Today I was suppose to style a winter floral look for a private Facebook group , yet it's really my Issaac Mizrahi leather jacket that is the

WIW: pearls (not fringe)

Angie's Stripes, Pearls, Moto and Fringe ensemble convinced me to dig out my own wedding pearls (that got tangled in the picture).   I liked


Plaid and a vest

Worn today for a casual Happy Hour. Banana Republic plaid shirt Black tneck LLBean vest Gap skinnies Frye Carson boots

An Early Spring Outfit

Hi ladies, I did a big analysis of my Spring Pintrest board and broke it down into the main trends that I captured.  From there, I developed


WIW 2/6 All out Equestrian: Plaid, Cape, Riding Boots, Leather Bracelet & Map Bag

I love it when Angie posts ensembles because it makes it so fun to shop my closet and come up with a new combination I hadn't even thought of

WIW 2/4-5 Handbag Month: Warm drapey casual x2 and workhorse tote

A couple more casual looks, one for preschool class Mom's night out and the other to work today. When it's cold I just want to wear soft and warm

WIW - for a business meeting, and Angie's ensemble

Hiya, two WIWs ... The first I wore to a networking business meeting this morning, and then Angie's ensemble today is perfect for running a few

WIW 2/5: Equestrian plaid & boots with pencil skirt

I don't know that anybody has ever ridden a horse in a pencil skirt, but here's my work version of Angie's Friday ensemble! Black pencil skirt:


WiW: big shirt

I would say this big shirt is not conventionally flattering but I have fun wearing it anyway -- but paired with skinnies. I don't think I could


Saying hello with Equestrian Plaid Ensemble

Hello ladies, I couldn't resist posting an outfit based on today's ensemble as my favorite ensemble posts are the ones that combine items already


WIW 2/3-4 Handbag Month: Origami sheath & clutch x2 (cobalt/peacock & poppy/turquoise)

Here is another pair of outfits from Handbag Month...I am trying to use a different handbag each day this month. My love of matchy matchy extends

WIW 2.5 Not quite equestrian

I started with the inspiration but took a different tack (heh) with the boots. Running around today dealing with rental property stuff and


2.4 long overdue Motto skirted leggings a la Elizabeth via Deborah

I bought these from Elizabeth P a few months ago (they had come to her from Deborah via Motto in Australia) and certainly like them. I've found


Thanks for the inspiration, Angie!

Saw this blog post on Friday morning and figured out that I had all the elements of this formula. :)

WIW: Angie's Tunic Formula

I went with all black, and I went for combat boots instead of heels for comfort and the overall vibe. And it's perfect. I think I will wear this


WIW 2/1 & 2/2 Studs and Typewriter: Kicking off Handbag Month

Guilty confession...I have blown my entire fashion budget for the year on a few handbags (including the R2D2 bag)! Yes, I do have a handbag

WIW: UWP Formula, pearls, and struggle with pants

1) The best short indoor topper I have is this old F21 ponte moto - it's one of those F21 finds that far exceeds the usual low quality of the

wiw this week

so here i am again, and even with my head attached in one of the pictures; as when my son was learning about the body, it was clear legs are


Skirt with chocolate support act + some WIWs

I liked the retro feel of this plaid wrap skirt and decided to try it with Angie's formula using chocolate brown instead of black. Are there


Catching Up: Fall WIW's

I got really busy in December, and then really lazy, so I've just gotten around to uploading some pictures. #1-2: October 25. Royal blue light


Statement skirt WIW

I got this skirt back from the cleaners and wanted to wear it even though it's a bit short for work. I paired with a black turtleneck and pendant

WIW: Statement Skirt & Black - or Navy? Support Act

I actually don't have many statement skirts. But I love Angie's ensemble for wearing them in winter, so I played around with it a few times in


Summer work outfits

I've decided to photograph my outfits regularly. 1. Work ..I did iron the shirt when I wore it to work but didn't take another picture. My sister

Simple Pattern Mixing

Hi Everyone! Another post for the Keeping It Real series. I'm home today with the dogs and don't have any work assignments either. I plan to