WIW: To visit my mom in the hospital

My 91 YO mother fell yesterday and is in the hospital. We just went through this three months ago with my MIL. My mother didn't break her hip,


Bob Blouse 66 Revisited

Previously on YLF : I tried to copycat Angie's last outfit - a billowy blouse over jeans - and ended as a Bob Dylan copycat. After last week

My first WIW

I spend 90% of my waking hours in scrubs or gym clothes ( or as you guys would say, gear) these days but I'm trying to make more of an effort

WIW - dressing down a dress

I'm finally cutting the tags and wearing the WH/BM dress I bought months ago! I know, it's been long enough, right? I hemmed and hawed on keeping


WIW - to judge in a chili fest

I'm spending a couple of hours in my studio today since it will be open for visitors, and then I'm off to the radio station! Today we are having



This was a very hot and casual week. I bought a few things at Loft and am wearing them for the first time, with a few questions. #1 Weekend


WIW 6/24: Coral, Blush, Cream, Taupe & Ink Blue

Here is my attempt to interpret today's ensemble with all the five colors. The stumbling block is coral, which is not the best color next to my


WIW :: Classic Combination in My Neutrals

Two posts in three days, I’m surprising myself :-) I admit your lovely comments on my previous thread had gotten to my head and I thought I’d

WIW - koi tee & spatter sneaks, keeping it real

Ultra casual, worn for a day in the studio, including a couple of hours with a computer tech to help iron out some issues with my computers. Lulu


Neckerchief with ROG inspired casual outfit

The outfit (1/2) is mostly ROG with s neckerchief added inspired by Angie's Blog. 3/4 is the way I mostly wear bandanas. I think I started as an


WIWx2: teal/silver/red and the Teddie crops

From yesterday and today.  1: A simple summer skirt outfit with a teal blouse, silver linen skirt, teal sandals, and red purse.  (Tulle


WIW :: Culottes

Hello dear old friends and many, many new faces, In true “blast from the past” manner and in the capacity I have right now, I’m here to say

WIW -- Caro's JPW exercise and a sandal recommendation

After reading Caro's thread about tracking wears (both CPW and JPW = joy per wear) I decided to do the same, at least tracking the JPW aspect.

WIW:Thanking Jenava

Yesterday, I posted a thread asking about a solution to back flab. I got a lot of great advice on what kind of bras & fabrics to avoid, and I


Rose and me

See pic


I took a walk

Happy Friday Family. Does anyone know the song by Passion Pit Take a Walk:?  If you don't it's a great song and I provided a youtube link.

WIW - Casual Denim Dress

There's nothing special about this outfit, but in the spirit of our brilliant body acceptance thread and posting outfits more often myself, I


WIW for my 50th birthday

Angie's post couldn't be more timely for my 50th birthday. I am enjoying several days of celebration, with my birthday dinner tomorrow night with


WIW to work today

In the spirit of keeping it real, no shoes, because I work from home and go barefoot any chance I get. Yay for summer! Otherwise, Boden red print


WIW: casual chinos

I generally don't wear chinos/khakis because even though I have a straight lower half and no hips, the fit is off or the pockets are funky. But

WIW: big earrings

Our recent heatwave is over, and I was planning an outing to Costco and lunch, so I decided to dress so I wouldn't freeze. It's a simple outfit,


WIW: Sold on EF Harem pants!

It's been a while since I've posted anything. Substantial weight gain had left me less than satisfied with my appearance. But all of the body

Some more vests ..this time more neutral

I am sort of obsessed with vests I think! The best in pic one is from target , I love it! Even has pockets, feels much more expensive .


WIW: Taking a Stand (in a nerdy way)

My city's symphony orchestra does a series of concerts in the botanic gardens every June into July. (Kind of crazy, considering the heat, but


Hello, Thank You and WIW

Hello everyone. After studying the long thread from Angie’s body image reminder, I vowed that I would actually post a WIW. But first of all, I


WIW: needs some fabness

Morning! This is what I'm wearing at work today, in a business casual environment. I'm happy with the pieces inidividually, but would love some


Dressy for me

For me in summer, this is already quite an effort at looking nice, lol. Though it didn't actually take any effort to throw together...I mean a


WIW - Outfit fail and correction

This outfit warranted a sepate post from my usual WIW.  I wanted to wear this floral midi skirt with the striped tunic.  I liked


WIW: a challenging silhouette

Or maybe not so challenging. I bought this BR cropped shirt last year -- I know a few of you have the same one. I loved the concept, but I've

Double digit outfits

Here are some things I wore recently : Nothing out of this world but : 1) I have been a bit unsure about this dress the two times I wore it bc it