Glamorized Casuals - 25.11.15

Hi Fabbers I've had this boyfriend blazer for years now, yet I rarely ever wear it. I've paired it here with a pretty pink top that I adore, and

WIW - revving up the festive

I have been finding the most fantastic things at second hand stores lately and it time to take a deep breath and figure out which are wearable by


WIW Anniversary dinner.

Wore this out to dinner with my Sweetie. Today is our wedding anniversary, and we observed it like we always do, with a simple dinner out at a



Posting from the train! Today is a day of travel. 1 hour train to Toronto - then express to airport - then 5 hour flight, Toronto to Seattle.

I broke Angie's skirt rule, and now I need help

So a few years ago I stumbled across this long skirt at the Rack. Considering that I'm 6' this is probably the only time in my life I'll find a


Festive blues

Angie's happy colour is tomato red. (Well, one of her happy colours, anyway).  And everybody knows that (one of) mine is blue.  So


A glimpse of my festive look

At work early. Had to get dressed in total darkness. I'm wearing plaid leggings as tights with a black cashmere dress, Shannon's Docs and some

WIW: festive freesia

So I usually wear this Allsaints Freesia dress in post-apocalyptic ensembles with black/grey footwear and black toppers, etc.  However,


Festive grocery shopping outfit for Angie's challenge

So Angie suggested that we dress festively between now and early January in this thread http://youlookfab......; This is my offering today and


WIW: Second (and last) Cool Day

Our cool weather is about to go away again so I got to wear another jacket. :-) I also had to try on about 5 or 6 differnet things to figure out

WIW: Grey and Burgundy for shopping and returns.

I had to pop into town today to return some boots and pick up some cosmetics. I had a lovely long browse round the shops and of course I stopped


15 recent WIWs

Thank you to everyone who posts WIWs as I am constantly getting inspired by all of you! Thought I'd contribute a little bit as well.  These

Festive Element- Velvet

I was very inspired by Angie's challenge and knew right away I wanted to begin with my velvet floral tshirt from One World that I bought in both

Challenge-festive touches

Bundling up for work today...almost did a white-out then put on my black skinny jeans. Added red plaid scarf, sparkly earrings and bracelet. Red


Does this count as festive?

First outing of the now altered by me skirt from Deborah. Also a new top from valley girl. I wore this before I read Angie post so I am


The Festive Challenge: 24.11.15

Hi Fabbers! So here is my outfit for the 'festive' look challenge. Nothing about this outfit is overtly dressy or blingy, but I really love it


Festive look

Dear YLF Sorry again for posting and running. I just wanted to join the party. This is an outfit I wore last week for a party . The skirt brings


WIW - Festive details

I don't have many clothes that can be considered festive so this challenge is going to be in the details for me.  Here are fancier earrings

WIW: First cool day of the season!

Yes, I am still alive... :-) I have been busy back at work after my vacation... Our weather finally made it down to the 60's today so I happily


I post a day behind, so this is yesterdays look.  I was inspired by a look on pinterest that was grey dress pants and a tan blazer.

GAP Velvet Leggings...who accessorized best? :-)

Dear Fabbers - it's been a while since I posted pics! I have to thank/blame :-) dear Suz for for the inspiration to post. In Elizabeth's

WIW x4: Crazy Days

Hey all! It's been crazy times here getting ready for holiday shows, but I've been trying to at least read and comment occasionally. I'm


Wiw: black & white & flared all over

Hi all I know distressed jeans are not everyone's cup of tea but I wear jeans more than anything else in my wardrobe so I really enjoy a variety

"Poncho" and vest

I had been wanting to try this ensemble ever since Angie featured it a month ago. But I didn't have cords. And I didn't have a poncho. I like the


WIW/WIB in Harajuku: Tokyo Bopper, kawaii style!

I'm still a little jet lagged and I can't begin to describe what an amazing experience it was to travel in Japan, but I can at least show off

WIW: A couple of outfits and K/R: the BR citron coat

Due to lots of work and life stress, I haven't been able to indulge in fashion fun or taking WIW photos.  But here are a couple of outfits

WIW 11.12 [anniversary white-out]

For my 10th wedding anniversary I figured a (pseudo) white-out was in order ;) This outfit formed around this new extra cozy BIG blanket scarf


Skinny jeans.... for balance

Denise (CocoLion) asked me whether "the Italian skirt" meant I would cast aside all skinnies. Oh no..... never!Well, never, as long as I can

So this just happened

I'm heading to Minneapolis to see a concert tonight and it is so freaking cold here, so this outerwear thing just happened. I'm dressing up my


WIW 11/21 conference day 2

Literally the night before the flight I decided I wasn't happy with my previously purchase at H&M. It was a jacket & cropped black pants.