WIW - keep the loafers?

Today was chillier than it has been -- hooray! Another chance to wear a sweater. I put together a FFBO: Allsaints Drina cardigan, a black tee,

WIW: For the return of snow

It was +20 Celcius on Saturday and I worked in my yard all day cleaning up the mess that winter leaves. And then it rained all day Sunday and

WIW: Monday ROG outfit

This week I am attempting to wear a Random Outfit Generator outfit each day from my closet. Most pieces are similar to the finds rather than the


WIW - Slouchy denim shorts

Worn on a pretty Sunday.  I ordered this pair of slouchy shorts and am so glad I did...they are super comfortable and light.  They'll


WIW - cobalt love

Are you all sick of me wearing so much blue? I hope not because there was more today. Worn for an art auction/talk event. A wonderful venue, nice


WIW - Style extremes, crisp and sporty

My last post was talking about the lack of cohesion between my winter and spring/sunmer looks. Below are two recent outfits that illustrate this


wiw weekend edition

There was threats of snow this weekend, so in defiance I wore shorts. No snow fell! It's still unseasonably cool though. Pic 1- wiw to a sushi

Fully Vested

Angie's inspiration was just the ticket to encourage exploration in the closet.  It helped me attempt some remixes I'd never have thought of

Lace Skirt Love: Winter & Spring

I have wanted a black lace pencil skirt since I saw Angie's post: http://youlookfab......  I thought it would be amazingly

WIW:handknit hoodie for hipster donuts

Glorious day today, so we went out for hipster donuts (hi, Rachylou!) and then ate them outdoors; after that we walked around and ended up having


WIW : Urban Cowgirl does Coffee

As I said in my previous post, this wrap reminds me of Clint Eastwood in his Spaghetti Western phase :)  My first wear of this wrap, out for


WIW - a dress for a celebration

Yesterday we had a warm and summer-like day (sunny, 80 degrees) and my BFF had her 50th birthday party. I decided it was the perfect opportunity


WIW: bright and cheery

The cloudy rainy days are past (for the moment), and today is bright and sunny, though chilly (in the 40s F).  My outfit matches the weather

WIW: Family Birthday Dinner

This is what I wore for a family dinner to celebrate my youngest turning 15. These are both new pieces I bought for the season at

An 80's inspired outfit and a few WIW's

I missed the decades challenge because I was away in NJ visiting family. After work last Friday night, I threw on my Gap slim straights and 80's


WIW - dressy vintage

I recreated the look, so I didn't wear this today. Some of you know the dress was passed down to me by my mum and the "clutch" was my Oma's. It's


WIW: for more rain

It was too cold for this today - but I didn't know it when I got dressed, and didn't have time to change.  So this is an attempt at an

WIW Conquering the Capsule...and making sloppy housekeepers feel good!

Monday here, I had a work meeting, then now working from home, then running around after boys. I wore a new to me thrifted boyfriend blazer, a


WIW: flares attempt 2

I wore this last night for an at-home date with my husband.  Paige high rise flares, new Paul Green peep-toe booties, and a beaded cashmere


WIW : Minimal

Happy Weekend Fabbers, I have been wanting to try this combo for a while and today it wasn't too cold for bare ankles yet was cool enough for a


WIW: black tunic with leggings

New phone so now I can take photos again. Sunday outfit. I still can't figure out how to photo black on black. This is an asynergic all top with

April 30x30 week three

Almost halfway, y'all...

Printed Denim & Chambray

Yesterday's GYPO Spring Style Challenge suggestion was Denim with Denim trend... Challengers had the hardest time with this one... I think the

WIW - An outfit made possible by fabbers

Busy day, but I grabbed a quick photo on my way out this morning. Everything is very basic because the shoes are the statement. Worn for a client


WIW more magic jeans

My little point and shoot died so not many WIW's. This one I wanted to post Hi happiness factor Crazy weeks as I'm budgeting and staffing for

WIW: in the rain

It's raining today (which we desperately need), and is also warm (which means that we should be able to pick mushrooms today or tomorrow!)To cap


Input on new hairstyle...

Since I go much more boho in the warmer temps, I am craving a haircut that is not so neat and conservative.  I was thinking about something

WIW: The 50's! (Temperature, not Era)

The weather has finally warmed up and unbelievably we had a day in the 70's.  Most have been in the 50's to low 60's though.  Here is

WIW: casual denim vest with jeans

1 is faded vest from Hinge a couple of years old. 2/3: an experiment with a clearance rack find. Can this work as a duster/vest?


WIW - Anthro and Culottes

I have not been posting much lately due to health issues but today I was feeling pretty good and had to take back the sassy sweater/sweatshirt I