WIW 9/4: Rust and Navy (Summery Edition)

September is the hottest month here in So Cal, but I still wanted to try Angie's Friday ensemble. So the navy top is short-sleeved and linen, and


A Date with my Hair Stylist

Any day spent with my hairstylist of 9 years is a good day... we talk about everything and of course yesterday was no exception...  There

WIW - Happy Pants

These flare jeans made me so happy wearing them today. They just made me smile as I walked. And when I crossed my legs and saw the flare against


WIW: Plaid with distressed jeans

Hi everyone I just thought of quickly posting WIW tonight to go out for a date night with hubby. The plaid shirt is a recent purchase from zara.


Too Long Gone: WIWs, Packing, Closet Clean Out, and Pups

It's been awhile since I posted, friends! Two months to be exact. I mostly spent the summer working on a massive project for school, but other


WIW: Cardigan, Tank, Scarf (Layering Formula #2)

High near 90° this afternoon, with 60s first thing in the AM, so I tried another layering formula.  This is chinos with a close-fitting


WIW: my other new summer handknit top

Today I'm wearing the second top I made this summer; just like the previous one it's done just in time for ... fall?  But we are having


WIW: Mixing the Old & the New

Let the fun begin! So this week was about trying to find a way to wear ignored items in my wardrobe and mix the old with the new. I have done


WIW: Denim Jacket Over LS Tee (Layering Formula #1)

For my layering challenge, Ma.....gested putting a denim jacket over my long-sleeve tees. I suspect this will be more practical in a few


August challenge: The Fails

Some of my Angie ensembles were fails. Alas. But I figure it's good to post the less successful outfits, too. So here goes.  I absolutely


WIW 8/29 through 9/3: some copycats and other things

Apparently the best I can do is manage a post every week or so, so I'm officially going to stop apologizing for that! I'm just too busy having


The last August ensemble & challenge wrap-up

I don't have any burgundy clothing, so I used a purse to provide the contrast to this outfit. I liked the colors together more than I expected,

WIW - Sporty, drapey tank, new shoes, maxi dress

#1 - I tried my new-ish perforated sneakers with a cargo skirt and liked the sporty look. #2/3 - Drapey tank with silver accessories. #4 - I'm


August wrap-up (knitwear)

Hi all During August I tried to wear most of my nice winter knits, especially dresses. Winter where I am is short and mild. And August was more

Is Fall Here Already?

I don't know the answer, but I'm having fun wearing some of my new and old fave items the last few days! Today was rainy and in the low/mid 60's

NAS at last

My sister and mother arrived ahead of my son's bar mitzvah and with luggage full of my NAS order and other stuff. It has been a bit hectic but I


My August Challenge (8-11) and recap

This last week of skirt challenge. I got through them all! Except for a few that are more for fall wear. I was too weary, I'll wait till the


Dresses (August challenge)

This is a super long post, sorry! I set myself a challenge in August to wear dresses (or skirts) 3/5 workdays.  Or maybe it was 4/5

A Casual Celebration

My WIW for the week--- the top is new, from Madewell. The courier shirt, but sized-down this time. I love the buffalo plaid and striped contrast


Inspired by Suz : Grey & White

I wanted to give a big shout out to the gorgeous & lovely Suz... I love your sense of fashion & style... And one outfit I'm particular


Flustered by Fit & Flare

Angie's blog post yesterday made me worry a little bit about this fit and flare skirt which I have in my wardrobe--which I really like. The first


August Challenge: Warm Fall Blue and Brown Capsule

It was fun and educational to put some capsules together for warm fall to feel refreshed. This does not mean that they are the only pieces I will


Dress Up September

When Inside Out Style blogger put forth a Dress UP in September challenge I couldn't help but get excited... After all, Sept 1st is one week from

WIW: keeping it real (long)

Long and winding.  Apologies. So another YLF aha moment (this one courtesy of Elizabeth P): I finally realized (finally!) that I wasn’t


WIW: Stripes, Plaid, Oxfords

Hooray! I managed to snap a photo every single day in August. Here are my last five days, along with a bonus pic for the snack-lovers. :) 27 -


WIW 15 08 31. "Cottage wear"

So this is the "casual elegance" cottage wear capsule, as opposed to the "hot and sticky" cottage capsule. This is a real challenge for me...

WIW: Friday ensemble backlog #5 - white, black, cognac with a handknit lace collar

I skipped one day last week, so here is my final Friday Ensemble Backlog outfit.  This one is cream (although I used white), black, and


WIW:Some orange...some Aztec to feel better!

So Monday morning was a bit different this week. Hubby was home with me thanks to the viral infection everywhere that seems to have got us too!


WIW: catching up

I am still here and trying to check YLF from time to time when I surface for a gulp of fresh air :-) Here is a quick WIW post before I have to


WIW 8/28 Boho Urkel

Going out with the fabulous Amy to a wine party thingamajig. Wearing an Ulla Johnson fringe cardigan, Zara cream lace trim blouse, 6397 jeans and