WIW For Deliveries

Hi, While I sorted through my NAS purchases, these are the outfits I've been wearing lately. #1-Printed T-ShirtI don't have printed pants, but I


WIW 8/1: Printed Pants, Slogan Tee and Jacket

I think this look is perfect for tonight's outdoor concert! Thanks, Angie! Printed pants: Old Navy"Je T'aime" tee: Nordstrom RackJacket:


WIW 7/30: In which great minds think alike

Last night I went to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Imagine our surprise and hilarity when my friend and I showed up in pretty much the exact


WIW: Sheath Dress with Long Cardigan

This is one of my favorite looks even though it has very little color, and I typically love color.  The color comes from my funky opal green

WIW : Besotted with Blue:)

Hi Ladies, I have worn my new blue boots twice this week:)  Once at work and today for my day off.  I am really happy I allowed my


WIW: Checks, cheetah and baubles

I realized when I put this dress on yesterday that it is likely the oldest thing in my closet - I bought it when the venerable Eaton's was going

W I am W'ing: new bob, new specs

Emboldened by all Angie's posts on glasses as fab updates, I made these my big purchases for 2015.   And when my hairdresser saw me wear


WIW backlog :: Elevator Diaries (part 2)

Hello again Fab Ladies, Thanks again to all the lovely comments on my previous thread posted after a long absence. I’m bumping all the

WIW...Blue and white pattern mixing.

Casual Friday...I love to pattern mix with this Kenneth Cole Ikat print jean jacket. The mariner T and white jeans are a favourite comfortable

Wrapping up July

My personal July challenge basically got swept away by the NAS fun. My primary goal was to not default to denim everyday. I managed a whopping 5


WIW: with the work shoes

I've been itching to try this color combo because I have several pairs of olive bottoms that have lost their "oomph" to my eye. I think this

SYC: Patterned Pants; Graphic Tee

Inspired by Angie's blog post this morning, this outfit features the closest thing I have to printed pants with an old Zara tee that looks like


WIW-Slogan tee Ensemble

I'm not sure about this at all but I wore it to work! I don't have any patterned pants I can wear on this 90 degree humid day so I subbed the


WIWW: Slogan Tee & Printed pants?

I would never in my own little world put these two together. The print in the Loft capri's has white & navy, the BG of the JCrew shirt is

Michelle and Robin at the wedding

I know Robin and I promised a picture of the two of us together at the wedding, And we are women of our word. Hope these shots are adequate.

A couple more WIWs

I think the last two were early July so my apologizes if you have seen them. Outfit one is a new combo and I had to re-sew almost every seam in

WIW: Convention Edition

This weekend, I'm at a writers' symposium that's part of a larger gaming convention, thus the sexy, convention center bathroom photo and tired


WIW: To the Polish Spa

Hello Lovely Ladies, Today My family and I went to the spa in Poland, which is only an hour away from us. It was a way for us to get out of the

WIW: Hot times

This summer has been ridiculously hot, I haven't felt like dressing up one single bit! I've been taking liberties with the dress code since it's


WIW 4/26: Denim Jacket Burberry Style

This is one of the rare ensembles I failed to spot soon after Angie posted it, both because the weather was wrong and I lacked the right


WIW: Blue Boots

Hi Ladies, As per my earlier post today, I couldn't wait to wear my new ankle boots. I wore them to work today:) The navy skinny ponte pants have


WIW 7/23: Olive, white, not quite denim and not quite espadrilles

I am way behind in putting Angie's ensembles into action, but I did an officey version of this casual look last week and really enjoyed it.


Catching up on some WIW's

Life continues to be out of control hectic, but I've been taking photos every day if not managing to get them posted. I am reading and I'm


WIW - in the old spot

I had some time this morning and thought I'd take some quick pictures, this time in my old spot before the wardrobe because I didn't want to


WIW...the red shoe project.

Decided to rotate through some older clothing items, and use my red shoes as a common denominator. Made it to 3 days, but now tired of black

WIW: A Simpler Outfit

I mentioned yesterday that I would like to start simplifying my outfits and accessorize more. I also mentioned I wanted to wear scarves more


Matchy faded denim, summer style

Inspired by Angie's blog, I am trying denim on denim, both faded. This is a first time pairing. Should it be the last? Are these pieces ok


WIW: M-F, midi dress, dated or bad look?

This is what I wore this week to work. (It's a fairly casual workplace, at least on my floor.) I'm on my phone right now, so will provide


June challenge and the 3rd piece

Last week in my June challenge of going through my summer clothes I featured some new pieces that I'd not had a chance to style. This week I'm


WIW showcasing the shoes

I chose this outfit today on the basis of going to the gym before work ( I don't usually) and therefore not wanting to take bulky boots. So I