WIW: fall colours

Here is a fall outfit of mostly old things. Jacket is new. I'm trying to make do with pieces that I'm not too sure about. For instance, the


Garbled greys...and I'm blushing!

So...here I am breaking all the rules.  The old Zara pullover and GAP skimmer jeans are both cool blue greys. But the only boots I wanted to


WIW: "aged wine" jeans

When I saw Janet in her deep burgundy boyfriend jeans, and then saw that they were on sale, I had to run out and get them. They were so much

Navy and cream, two ways

This first one, which I'm wearing today, my son called an angel outfit. An angel shirt, and angel boots.  This hi-low embroidered tunic top

WIW 10/1 - 10/6: Work and party

I'm still not really shopping so you've seen all this before, but... it's what I'm wearing so I'm posting it anyway! LOL 1. Friday I had to be up


WIW: Mustard

I noticed lots of mixed feelings about mustard on Angie's blog post today, but I'm a fan. I wore this mustard sweater to volunteer today, along


WIW: wearable prototypes (long)

In computer development, one of the golden rules of prototyping is that you should plan to throw one away, because you will anyway. Well. I hate

WIW: back to what worked

It has been awhile since I posted a what I wore. Figured I should represent curvy girls. I have slowly evolved back to a style that has always

WIW - gradient grey uniform

Good morning fab ladies, I commented on Maneera's post yesterday that I have a similar formula using slim pants and a longish sweater.  My

WIW - Dresses, flares (changing weather)

The weather has finally changed.  It was still in the 90's last week which was unseasonably warm.  It's in the 70's this week which is


Wiw: welcome back to my closet, flares

Hi everyone. This won't be a long long post, but I wanted to run my first fun fall purchase by you all. I never thought I'd love flared jeans

Uniform #1: Leggings and Tunic

Hi Fabbers, I mentioned on an earlier thread that one of my goals for October is to come up with some tried and tested uniforms. Over the last


Peep toe ankle sandals for fall

I commented in one of Angie's forum  threads, that recently I do lots of bl&w, greys outfits and don't mind color for now. This usually


Never Say Never

If you had asked me a few years back about wearing over the knee boots I would have adimentally refused because they only came in heeled hooker

WIW - Conference Wear

I was at a conference outside my usual field this week that specified "business" dress. Which, as many of you can probably tell from my usual


WIW 10.05,06 [orange + orange]

We have some lingering nice weather, with a few rainy days mixed in, so I figured I'd better squeeze a few wears out of my favorite summery and


WIW x 2

I've gotten away from posting photos but for some reason I happened to take a couple pics recently so I thought I would share. (Sorry for the


BootCut Lovin'

I've had these jeans forever!  With it being in the 60's yesterday I didn't have to fake Fall for the first time... Tomorrow is suppose to

Wiw - my cloak of invisibility and more

Dear YLF, I have to write and go today but wanted to show you the outfit pictures I tried to take last week. Not everything was an absolute win.


WIW - Lincoln Theater for FFS concert

Hi all. I took some quick outfit snap shots via new IPhone before we left to see FFS (Franz Ferdinand collaborating with The Sparks). It was an

wiw - a dress, what else?

Mango new dress ;)Jacket ZaraBoots Geox  This outfit makes me happy! Please ignore the awful hair, I took the photo before styling it in the


Another Rainy Day Outfit!

This was yesterday when it was pouring the entire day.. Today we have a reprieve and the first sunshine in a full week!   I opted for

Inspired by Angie

I fell in love with Angie's retro 70s outfit. I don't have the amazing sailor pants, or the fantastic impeccable equestrienne jacket, or the


Burgundy and rose gold

I'm loving the chance to still wear sleeveless dresses on occasion with this sunny late summer in Seattle, and decided to have a dressier day


WIW: A Touch of Teal

Teal isn't a major color in my wardrobe, but it's a shade I like and, when I choose wisely, a tone that goes with most, if not all, of my


WIW 10/3, A swing & a miss

I was originally not going to post this outfit because after looking at the pictures the next day I was pretty unhappy about it. But I figured

WIW This Week

Here are some recent outfits from the last couple weeks. It's finally turned to fall; hooray for long sleeves without bundling up! Thank you as

Finally cool enough for new stuff

Temperatures are finally getting cool enough that I can wear some of the new items in my wardrobe...yippee...Before long it will be cold and snow

WIW: "Killed it" at wedding-photos

That's what the happy bride, my fashion designer SIL, said to me when we assembled for family photos: "You killed it!" Later I had to explain to


WIW - AK backpack, and remembering how to take photos

Well, I had some remembering to do ...the blurry 3rd and 4th shots were actually in the first round, in which I forgot about autofocus loving the