WIW: People Like Matchy-Matchy

I got so many compliments today, because my bag matched my shoes. Who knew? Sweater (Boden) - 35 wears Top (Lucky Brand) - 7 wears. I had to


WIW Black Tie Weekend

So I went to the out of town event for DH's office. I stuck to a low carb diet for 6 weeks and managed to squeeze myself into my one existing


WIW - Week 5 in Review

Well... week 5 is over and I still haven't worn the same full outfit twice, I have definitely repeated pieces. I still don't see an end in sight

Fashion with a capital F.

Much as I love clothes, there are times when I really, really hate Fashion. I hate it for failing to amaze me. I hate it for making me grind my

Culottes: Do these work as crop flares? And did I do it right?

This outfit was thought up as an excuse to wear the new-to-me Toms to work. Really, what they are is desert boots, but with a wedge heel. I

First WIW post

Be gentle! This is stuff from the past week, including the famous Loft boho top and pastels in a dress for Easter. The rest was for work - and

My first attempt at pattern mixing

This is a little out of my comfort zone, so I started small! Sweater is J Crew. It's a little on the large side, but was a gift from a friend.

WIW...red (cropped) trousers.

The red trousers from an earlier post got made over. Cropped with a nice cuff. Photo off due to angle of pic, but length is 3 inches above ankle

Any opportunity to get dressed

Hey family! I hope this post finds you all well whatever corner of this beautiful world you are living in. Just a quick what I wore post as today

WIW...Saturday chores edition

Well, my wonderful silver pointy toe loafers have been consigned to the dustbin after I literally wore the heels down and a hole in the sole.

WIW : Gingham blouse

I bought this gingham blouse a couple weeks ago as I like gingham, classic pattern that is always in style. Last week I wore #3, as the weather


Under the cherry blossom tree

Pattern & Pattern Mixing So this is our second day out i. A row and it was just beautiful outside. Yep another Dr's visit. This time for me.

WIW- unloved Zara top.

So, a shoe sale looking trip yesterday. I know, I know, I have 52 pairs and shouldn't look... Didn't end up buying, but my best friend got some

WIW-ing: in honor of science, and gold hardware

Going to the March for Science in Boston in a bit. I kept the oversized red Trina Turk coat. I hope that it will look okay and intentionally


WIW- casual friday

Hi all. I've been away on travel to Puerto Vallarta and now back rested and refreshed. I went back to work this week but the only outfit taken

WIWW: My Son Picked It

My ten-year old son saw me playing around with my finds and asked if he could build some outfits--it had the appeal of a video game, I guess.


Spring tweed goes to the office

It's not as fashion foward as Angie's ensembles...ok, it's not fashion foward at all, but was easy and it is tweed. A column of white and a tweed


Gingham at the Arboretum

I wore this outfit two Sundays ago for a visit to the arboretum. It's just a simple look consisting of the J.Jill shirtdress Angie recently


Anniversary lunch and shopping :)

26 years ago we married on a lovely sunny Autumn day like this! Today I wore a plain navy dress having in mind to try on a Burberry trench in a


WIW: cozy

Well, last week's warm weather is gone now and we are back to cool and occasionally wet spring weather here.  So I've been all about the


Wiw- black, white and cognac X4

Dear YLF, There was a clear color scheme in the last few work outfits. It is not that I trying for it but it is just easier in the morning to


WIW...simple worker bee attire

Today I was one of the tribe, in an outfit combination that is very common amongst the worker bees in the towers of downtown. I did give it a YLF

WIW - Daily work attire

It is still cool here in DC so I'm still planning to wear my darker color clothes until it warms up. Everything I'm wearing is LOFT with the

Diana Inspired: ETA photos!

I just realized that I have 3 Diana inspired outfits. If I have posted these before, please overlook. The third one is a warmer weather version



Thought I'd share a pic of my new glasses. I like them but hope to like them better once I get them readjusted. (These progressives are

Gingham Goes to the Zoo

Inspired by Angie's post I put on a yellow/ white gingham shirt with white cropped, high cuff jeans for a trip to the zoo today and managed to


WIW - New red shoes, navy skirt and top, white crops

Navy has never been one of my favorite colors but I've added a few new pieces this spring.  Or maybe this is ink blue?  I'm not sure


WIW 4/18: bootcuts and burgundy

Same bootcuts as last week, but full length today because it was cold this morning -- about 38F when I left the house. I kind of still love

WIW...and a HEWI

Finally! A white jean skirt that isn't too short, and doesn't pouch over my...pouch! I'm going to wear this skirt with everything this summer! #1

The best of accessories...

Hello Family & Happy Easter My little dear nugget is all that is "in" fashion in baby ware. Lol We have to be intentional about getting