WIW: keeping it real aka momlife

I do look a mess but this morning was a difficult one. Jeans , she'll and blazer with simple black ballet flats it was. I forgot my earrings and


WIW...Zara doing Pantone fall colours?

This outfit was inspired by a scarf I picked up at Zara. I had been wearing blue with my new mustard bottoms, but never thought to add green! I

WIW: 2 skirt outfits

I've often mentioned here that I have trouble wearing skirts. It has been harder for me to get the proportions the way I like them in a skirt

WIW 8.30 Keeping it real in navy

Nothing too exciting -- pretty much a simple hot weather uniform. But I'm making an effort to wear my unworn tops. I usually wear this top under


WIW - New drapey cargo pants, black and white dresses

#1 - I found these soft olive cargo pants on the clearance rack at Target.  I had been wanting something similar for a while now.  I


WIW: matchy-matchy teal

Matchy-matchy outfits are not really my thing, but I'll make an exception for my favorite color. This is one of the new dresses I bought recently


WIW: Keeping It Real

Hacked Jag jeans, very old Foxcroft work shirt, very old Leith sweatshirt, and Dune London sandals. I am thinking I could've tucked the shirt to


WIW 8.27 grommets and stripes

I haven't posted much WIW in a while so I snapped a couple of quick pics as I was leaving this morning. Spending the day in my studio working and


This is the end, beautiful friend

What I've worn this week #1-10, a cool summer week. Today will be hot, so wearing shorts #11. #12 in the keeping-it-real category : going grocery

WIW: Black-White-Grey and Style Icon

The third photo shows my version of the black/white/grey ensemble except for not showing the pewter bag. 1-2 are inspired by Anna Wintour.


WIW: another blue dress

I've made a third denim-y blue dress. This one is sleeveless, so again, I must be creative to find ways to wear the dress in environments where I

WIW: an accidental icon

Sorry ladies, it's not a glamorous old lady strolling around New York in sunglasses (I wish) but I couldn't resist the byline.  I've been

WIW: for Angie. :)

Just a selfie today but am posting this because angie told me she wanted to see more of this top. And who doesn't love a gigantic hat? Bottom


Icons: DVF + Rachel Zoe

Diane von Furstenberg and Rachel Zoe seem to have a lot in common style wise: glamorous, maximalist and a strong 70s aesthetic. Here is my joint

WIW: Today's Formula, Summer Spin

It's rare that I get to copy one of Angie's ensembles on the same day she posts it, but today everything fell nicely into place. I put a summer


WIW - Sat. Outfit + new hair style

Here's today's look after going to the salon. :) The metallic shoes are Fly London, bought on sale at QVC.


WIW - casual dinner with the new happy couple

FFBO for a last-minute dinner with my husband, my niece, my stepson and his new wife. Grabbed a purse I have not used in years that has gone in


WIW: Silk Culotte

I wore this to work today. I'm posting it to follow through on my goal to post more frequent WIW's. In one mirror at our house, I think this top

WIW, and a request for styling suggestions

I got these harem pants from Anthropologie yesterday--they were 40% off the sale price and had great reviews, so it looked like a good way to try

A couple of WIWs

It's my week off but I've had to run to the office for various reasons, and also do lots of back to school errands.   Outfit 1 is a

Travel Capsule in Action (including culottes of controversy)

What can I say? I was having so much fun with the culottes of controversy that I popped them on before I left for my trip -- that's right -- wore


FFB Kimono and Denim

I finally found my camera cord, so can upload pictures.  I decided to just choose a few favorites to share :) It surprises me to write it,


Style Icon: Grace Kelly

My friend had a cocktail house warming party on Saturday.  Like myself, she is mostly very casual (she works mostly on building sites) so

WIW: something old, something new

Using my closet with intention today! I can't believe I have not worn this top once this summer - crazy, because I love it, and it's so cool. And


Buttoned down boy (wiw)

A few people posted about button down (button up...) shirts and I thought I'd wear one today. This is a men's flannel shirt from Uniqlo, XS. It

WIW x 2: Casual jersey skirts for the office

As my internship is coming to an end I am trying to take advantage of the more relaxed dress code and wear as many skirts and dresses as


FFBO: Tunic and cropped pants

This is another summer favorite formula for me, and I loved it in these super-hero colors. You can tell that I'm enjoying brights lately -


WIW: Semi-AC'd Office

Even I don't get cold in an office where the thermostat must be set to 75. Lotta black but everything from Angie in Finds. : )


WIW: my take on kimono and denim

Since Angie posted this "Statement Kimono & Denim" ensemble, I've wanted to wear it. My kimono is cropped. I've had trouble wearing it, for

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