WIW 10.24 mixing neutrals & leopard print

Wore this today to the closing for the house my sister and I were selling -- a childhood home that was in the family (first as a home and then a


WIW: snakeskin and kimono

I finally decided to copy Suz and get these snakeskin booties. They're fun. The thing I notice though is how much shorter one leg is compared to


WIW- to the Max

Here's my Maximal look, with a couple of new pieces! It's hard to photograph, but... ...leather, velvet, studs, rings, bracelets, necklaces....

WIW - Black, white and blush (based on Angie inspiration)

This was inspired by Angie's post but I had to make some changes.  I don't have sneakers that would work so substituted blush flats (okay,

WIW 10/23 Angie's Ensemble, Leopard Bag

I pulled this together from my closet and it's very comfortable and I feel great in it. I feel like this looks a lot better in person than in the


WIW Biz Cas Oct wk 3

Yesterday I put out a YLF challenge to show us & tell us a little about what business casual looks like to you. Here's what a random week in


WIW: Skeletal

The colors of this Missguided bodysuit are right up my alley. I'm also thinking of getting a Top Shop skeleton dress if it goes on sale after


WIW: the casual edition curvy girl style

It has been a crazy long time since I posted a what I wore. My life went a little crazy (work related) and I was fortunate enough to take a life

Minimally maximal

Last week it was still so unbelievably warm. I had a long day of walking so wanted to wear the sneakers and this was my minimally maximal


WIW: Portland YLF meetup (2)

What a great day!  Catching up, making new friends, having interesting conversations, eating a great brunch and drinking good coffee,


WIW: '70s Maximal

This faux fur vest isn't at all warm so this evening is a good time to don it. These are my $245 (incl. tax) Nordstrom M.i. h. jeans that I


WIW: to Portland YLF meetup

Today I got to meet up with several wonderful YLF members in Portland. The local crew in Portland--Cerinda, Rabbit, Muffin, and

El cee challenge: hack-athon

Trying again with some pants that I hacked


WIW: maximal neutrals

1-3: For me, this is a "minimal maximal" look with lots of texture and pattern but sticking to a neutral color scheme.  This is basically


WIW - maximal again for Angie - pink, embroidery, leopard ...

We all know that pink paisley J Crew blouse Angie recommended is a great maximal element. I got the pink matching ankle-strap block heel shoes,


WIW: one more try at weekend maximalism

For brunch, a long walk around the Head of the Charles, then going to see The Shining on the big screen. This shirt is way out of my comfort

WIW 10/23: Plush Vest & Chocolate Brown

I really enjoyed wearing my faux fur vest yesterday and decided to wear it again today for running around the town doing various errands.  I


My culottes

Late to the trend I know, but  wanted to thank Angie  blogging so many times  around the new culotte looks and you all pioneers


Angie's challenge: maximal for me

Maybe not super maximal, but ripped jeans, statement t shirt, pearls (and way out of my comfort zone) bright color. I've been a bit obsessed with


WIW-out and about in NYC

The temps dropped drastically since yesterday, from 75 degrees to 50 degrees and windy. I really have bad luck with weather when I come here. at

Maximal When Summer Collides with Fall

You've seen these culottes and this dress before, but this time I maxed them out a bit with some jewelry and different footwear. In pics 1-2 I


WIW: new cropped khakis with bits of red

Here's what I wore out and about today, for a little shopping and then to a movie. New Pilcro released hem cropped wide leg khakis Paul Greens


WIW: Chocolate Brown and Sophie

I was not planning on posting this picture as a WIW on the forum but after Angie started the discussion about chocolate brown I decided to share

WIW 10/21: Statement Houndstooth Bag

Yesterday was a bit of crazy day for me, so I never got around to post the outfit based on the ensemble post.  I do not own a leopard bag,


WIW 10/22: A Maximal Plaid Shirt Combination

Last Friday I was working from home as I wasn't feeling too well, and this week has been fairly warm with highs in low 80s, so I never got a


WIW 10.22 maximal accessories

We had a sudden shift in weather. Two days ago I was sweating in a sleeveless top while hiking, and today it's time for layers. Finally debuting


WIW: Maxing it up a little

It's fun to see how everyone is making their outfit more maximal per Angie's request the other day! This is my attempt: With the first outfit I


WIW: maximal-ish, with leopard bag

What I'm wearing, actually. I'm sitting at the hairdresser waiting for my color to process :) Angie's post about the leopard bag reminded me I

Chocolate--dark, milk, hot

Old leather dress with new halogen cashmere wrap Square toe patent loafers with lug sole in wine Two toppers: long milk chocolate sweater or


For Angie's Maximal Challenge: Maximal Taupe and Cream

Inspired by Angie's Challenge and by my challenge this week to wear light toppers that don't fit easily under coats, I came up with this outfit