WIW - errands

Hi all. Wow, a casual outfit post and after 10 million years! I'm just dong some grocery shopping and other errands today. I thought this outfit

Ce que je portais

Today shirt and bow tie I love having fun with my beautiful tenes

WIW: Inspired by Joy

I saw Joy's great outfit with the Capri length jeans that she let the hems down to be raw hem cropped jeans. How clever! Inspired, I pulled out a

WIW: black and silver shoes x2

Today the robot shoes are making their work debut. The Kids are enjoying them :-) I am tired and just wanted comfy today . And I wore my hippie


WIW to interview

I got offered the job now I have to make a decision. The pants are supposed to be 7/8 but are two sizes too big(they are hanging on my hips

WIW: Church, Clothing Swap

I am having so much fun with fashion. This is what I wore to church and a clothing swap that is later on tonight. I am trying to seek my style

WIWx3 this week: Trendy Jeans and Flouncy Tops

This week has had crazy weather, it started super hot and  ended up getting chillier and wetter day by day. Three of my outfits this week


WIW: Still enjoying the 70's

Happy Friday Fabbers! I'm off out to have lunch with Mum and Dad in a while and I like to put a little effort into my outfit when I visit. Mum's


WIW-Pretty(?) Denim on denim and the shirtdress I should have burned

Dear YLF The end of the week turned out to be ( pleasantly ) busy and I didn't have the opportunity to get back to you, but wanted to share 2


WIW: Fun heels and athleisure

First outfit is for casual Friday. I'm allowing myself jeans on casual Fridays until I bulk up my dressy pants capsule. New Rockport heels. Furla


Back to the uniform

Busy-ish day and about to run out and around town. Hair needs a tune-up pretty bad at this point so it'll have to be later. At least it's not


What I Wore

Aujourd'hui, il pleuvait je ais mal non de ma chemise blanche traditionnelle Avec Une cravate bleue. Je devais Mettre mon imperméable Je aime

WIW: Distressed flares (w/ review)

I bought these distressed flares recently after seeing and loving a pair on Una. Trendy jeans are a bit out of my comfort zone, but I actually am


WIW 04.29: Harems go to work

I got the EF harems a year or so ago, and have worn them quite a bit, but always to travel or in a casual situation.  Today I got brave and

Entry Level Pattern Mixing (plus kitty print)

I'm not in the least what one would call skilled in pattern mixing, so today's outfit was definitely entry-level, possibly below minimum wage

Wiw - peasant blouse and sneaks, because Angie :)

A quick wiw, with thanks to Angie's inspiring post, which has snapped me out of a weather-related clothing funk. I may not have spring yet, but

Wiw -( finally ) belting a long blazer

The day Angie posted this I wanted to try it, but Canada being what it is only today the weather was just right to try it out. These boots hardly


Restrained boho : wiw 4.28

So as to NOT look like a Coachella wannabe, I wore this new H&M crinkly cotton peasant top with cuffed skinnies instead of the cropped frayed


WIW: new bag, new shoes, new top

Apologize for the sporadic forum participation these days. On the road again for work. Last trip I felt dark and heavy due to black footwear (for


Cold Spring WIW

These came out darker than I would have liked, even with flash. I have to keep my bedroom curtains closed because my spring phoebe is back in her


Elephant pants

I bought these pants in Nepal. Worn for a picnic today but primarily plan to wear them at home.


OOTD...whistling the tune to singing in the rain

Today was such a grey overcast day. Makes me morn the loss of my bubble gum pink rain poncho. Although it did not rain it was cold and damp in

WIW 4.26 denim skirt & metallic sandals

I'm mostly working from home today, but meeting friends for girls' night out dinner and drinks later. Debuting the new denim skirt and the


WIW - tunic, knit blazer, knit dress

More clothing swap items! #1 - New blue and white tunic.  I'm not a big fan of blue in my wardrobe but I really like this tunic.  It


Different green today

Thoughts, anyone? Not the best pic but the best I could do on my lunch rush hour.


What's up, Docs?

A few girly, boho-esque tops are on their way for me to try, but in the meantime my tomboy formula for a bright, warm day. The shoes are really


WIW: grey, floral and black

First night out without baby today! Went for dinner with some friends and had a lovely time. And it was nice to dress without thinking of

Cropped pants and two questions

Today I wore new cropped pants that were shortened from old ones: deep burgundy Simon Chang Twill straight legs (http://www.dream-.....Black)

WIW: Culottes and waist surrendering..JFE?

Hi all, bit of a post and run today(late evening in UK). I just thought I'd share what I wore yesterday. The weather was awful yesterday...hail,


WIW: 4/27 Professional Networking Event/Wine Tasting

Heading out the door shortly with DH wearing this. Except for the jeans, these items are 1,2, or 5 years old. This is a bit more polished