WIW to interview the dog walker

I'm going to Spain next month and want to be sure my boy will be in good hands. I wore my new Paige mom jeans, striped Boden sweater and M Gemi


WIW: HELP I think I hate my new haircut

I had to work today, and I was grumpy because my hair was uncooperative. Hence the dirt on the clothes, and the expression on my face LOL This

Sunday Slay: Week 32...

Finally!!!!!!!!!!!.....!!!!! Hey Family, I hope you all are doing well. Me? I am ready to give little nugget her eviction notice. Thanks for

Shopping Outfit from a while ago,XXX

I wore this outfit a while ago to go shopping in.I felt very girly and feminine wearing it.I hope you like it and I would love to hear your

WIW - 3 outfits, 3?s.

Hi!I liked these three outfits very much but wonder what you think about how some of it worked together:#1 - For warmth, and more structure, I


Heel choice, black or green?

Hi again.Just wondering which are best ? The green and blue 5.5 inch heels or the 4 inch black ones?Thanks :)


WIW...shades of pale.

It is sunny and an unprecedented 10degC. today, putting me in the mood for light colours for the weekend. Laundry and groceries on the agenda.

WIWW tonight for Valentines dinner.

Hi all, I thought it was about time I posted a quick wiw. Playing a bit of catch up on the forum too...especially so as we were without land-line


WIW: Been a While

It's been a bit since I posted a WIW, but this is pretty typical of the easy casual outfits I've been aiming for. Everyday silk and cashmere! I'm


WIW: Diagnosis needed

We had a spring like day yesterday, so I lighted up the layers! Yeah.... but somehow, this outfit, which in my mind was SO FAB.... in reality,


WIW: bold color pattern mixing

Here's my "kitchen-sink-lite" pattern mixing fun.  I've liked bright and bold colors recently, so this combo made me happy even if it's not


WIW: Stripes & Not Sneaks

On our way to see Black Panther Party photos at the African American Library before the exhibit leaves. Except for the jeans jacket this outfit


WIW - Donna's Valentine's week challenge

Taking up Donna's Valentine's week challenge, here are the outfits that I wore. I did not do the challenge for a week - I started on Saturday and


All a flutter with Angie's styling

Happy Valentine's Day! When I saw Angie's wonderful "Weekly Roundup: Hints of Spring" I noticed a Karen Millen blouse she posted which looked


WIW: playing with patterns and brights

Here's a few outfits from the past week - I've been playing with pairing brights with black in search of the perfect 'business casual' capsule


WIW - DIY released hem jeans

Today I'm wearing the jeans that I released the hems on. Makes them much more wearable since I get some extra needed length out of them! Zara


WIW: Val Week Challenge

What I learned is that coral doesn't really convey Valentines Day and that I have very little red. I got hot at work so fairly quickly removed


WIW - feeling spring-like

It wasn't really that warm, and I do not have a pedicure....but I wore open-toed shoes today!  Along with an embroidered shirt from Zara and


I'm a guy who just loves his new 5.5 inch green and blue heels....

Hi, I'm just in love with my new 5.5 inch green and blue skinny heeled heels. They will divide opinion I'm sure. Some will even question why a


WIW: 8 Patterns in 50 Shades of Gray

Well, no, not 50 shades. When neutral patterns are low contrast like this, they read as false solids and almost demand pattern mixing or color,


Linea Paolo Shoes--Update

Hi everyone. I haven't been shopping since the holidays. Rather, I've been looking around and thinking about holes I need to plug. I've come

Scruffy with classic

A couple of times I read the word "polished" in your lovely comments on other outfits. The thing is, I am not really polished. Jeans are my most

A new basic (WIW)

For years my FFBO was a silk sleeveless shirt, skinnies, and a drapey waterfall cardigan. I've drifted away from the waterfall cardigans --

WIW: Stripes & Sneaks for Wed.

I think I checked off all the boxes: Striped T (with bling zipper at shoulders) Black crops Red jacket Shiny sneaks Bling (earrings and watch)


WIW: Donna's Valentine Challenge. ETA photos of 2 more outfits

I joined Donna's Valentine Challenge and then got distracted by making maximal outfits, which included some black or grey. The part about the


WIW: Valentine's Day ensemble x2

Here are two outfits based on the Valentine's ensembles that Angie posted yesterday.  (I can actually do the third version, with the skirt,


Sweater Dress Outfit

I was inspired by Inge's re-post of Bittersweet Color's Chic Sweater Dress outfit.http://youl.....ess/ I purchased this simple charcoal sweater


First WIW in 6 months...no kitchen sink though ;)

I haven't posted, never mind taken a picture of myself , in months and months.  I've owned up to the fact that although I love clothes,


My 100% viscose camo top

I took a WIW about 2 weeks ago that I hadn't got around to posting. When thinking about how nice this top feels, I checked its label and see it