My version Modern Audrey

I did not post for some time, I was very sick; I had two medical intervention and then surgery. Now I am recovering and feel better. Today, it


My Dance Capsule in Action!

It has been a(very long) while since I posted my WIW - I think a year maybe? Life has been busy and I fell out of the habit to take daily outfit


WIW--mixed metallic tones

This is a very casual outfit that I attempted to have a bit of fun with by bringing in a variety of metallic tones. The design on the


A looong week

Wow Am I beat after this week .. I am trying to even remember what I wore Monday . Didn't take a picture and o have no memory! I had an enjoyable


WIW plus, new 'do and are these crops too long?

This is a repeat outfit except that I swapped the shoes.  I had to walk a fair distance today and these seemed to be the best option in my


WIW- week of 3/24

These got organized in a weird order, buthere is my week.... #7 and 5 are what I wore on a date to a painy party (so much fun!) and #1 is the

WIW: Week In Review

I decided to take photos every day before work this week. I've been giving a lot of thought lately to Angie's post on signature style. I have a

Wrapped Denim Jacket: Whiteout

I have a poncho in shades of cream and white and white denim so decided to try a white version of Angie's wrapped denim ensemble. Does this work?


WIWW: Spring Outfit Creation (updated pics)

We’re having another very cold March day here, so I’m doing some outfit creation for spring to convince myself that spring WILL arrive.

WIW: Going Maximal Light

Hi, These outfits were inspired by Angie's posts on maximal style and the pattern mixing ensemble.  Looking back at them I can't help but


WIW - color block (B&W)

Hi all.  Here's another black and white outfit which has been a staple in my wardrobe this Winter.  The only new items are the

WIW - crops, maxi skirt, chambray, wrap dress

Hi all!  We just got back from a short vacation to visit the Grand Canyon.  We went with another family and rented a cabin

Team Dresses or Pants?

I like to wear dresses, to work and also casually. A dress is such an easy thing to wear, one piece and an instant outfit. I do like using


WIW: Early March Taste of Spring

Here are two outfits I wore in early March when we had a little taste of early spring. I’m really liking tomato red this spring. After that

WIW: Wide legged white cropped pants

Angie's post got me thinking... I only have one pair of pants that are along these lines, so I wanted to experiment. Then I saw Greyscale's post

WIW - liked vs not liked

Hi ladies,I've been working out what I like vs. what I'd like to move away from, so I compared a couple of recent outfits.  The first two I


Wiw: Wide leg crops

Out for Thai and book group tonight (a novel called Nicotine, which I confess, I did not love and did not finish). It's really cold out so I


Wrapped Plaid blazer

Inspired by UmmLila's post about spring checked and plaid jackets plus temperatures in the 30's F, I tried to wrap a blazer this morning.


Sunday Slay: Feeling Casually Elegant...

I must say I LOVED this fit. I had been thinking about this combination from the time it was suggested. One thing I really enjoy is shopping my

WIW - to work

Hello YLF family. Yes it has been a while. Spring is finally here and I'm feeling motivated and inspired to dress up a little more, maybe post

WIWW: New jacket

Hi all! Just in case you thought I'd disappeared for good and been abducted by aliens, I thought I'd show you my latest make from last week :D A


Wrapped Denim Jacket ensemble

I thought at 6pm I could forgo the sunglasses, but found myself squinting miserably during these photos...We were heading out to grocery shop

My Wide Leg Pants Substitute

Angie asked if I have shown my wide leg pants substitute. I've worn these pants this winter with my chelsea boots and now that spring is here,


WIW - Casual Anniversary Dinner

I was a little hesitant with showing this outfit after being away from the forum for a while because it is just so basic and plain. I have been

Wide-leg crops: I did it my way

I've been inspired by the Rachel Comey Legion jeans (in Finds) but I just never quite found the right version for me. These Gap jeans checked

WIW: Wrapped Denim

Ancient EF wrap and ECCO monk straps instead of oxfords. I removed wrap, gloves, and scarf later when I got warm. This will be my gray week as


3.17 my version of today's ensemble- meh.

1. Tough to photograph well - all the black and dark denim makes it look  kind of flat....which, in retrospect, it was. Plus how do you get your


WIW: (catching up) "early spring" outfits

"Early spring" in quotes because there was a blizzard on Tuesday and arctic temperatures for most of this week! Anyway, here are several outfits


WIW: Another not fab outfit

We went out to dinner and then to a performance of the National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine. They were incredible! However, I snapped this


WIW This Week (3-17)

We've gotten some nice weather this week and I have enjoyed wearing something besides boots and sweaters! #1 worn for errands: Old Navy jeans,