The other shirt

The other NYDJ top I bought on sale at Nordstrom. I'm wearing it with dark blue denim Bermuda shorts today. No makeup because I don't feel well.


WIW White on White

I debating attaching this to the Dressing for the Summer A/C or Taking a Stand with My Summer Body, both seem appropriate... it was


WIW: Taking a stand with my summer body while wearing Una's dress

After Una posted about this dress I couldn't order it fast enough. I had been looking for wash and go T shirt like dresses that don't show lumps

Una lemming #1

I bought this dress after Una recommended it about a month ago, but it sat in my closet. I tried it on again today to decide if I was going to


WIW to Nelson's Landing

I found this amzing H&M orange boho retro dress on sale! I love the vintage cut and the bell sleeve. The color is gorgeous and goes so well

Revisiting the Wall...Mural

Hey Family, On this day it was a beautiful time the sun was shining and I was out for the weekend. I love summer in the Chi the events and the

WIW to the market

I am off to the market to buy fruits and veggies and some fresh buffalo mozzarella. This is a kind of outfit I'd wear every day if it was

WIW: another catch-up, catch-all post

Finally got around to getting the WIW photos from the last couple of weeks off my camera.  The first two are from early last week before I


How I went with my 12 piece travel capsule; added purchased shoe pics

I've just arrived home from a lovely 2 week river cruise from Amsterdam to Budapest and wanted to let you know how I went with my pared down


WIW - with my hair up

Thank you all who responded to my post yesterday. I just wanted to show you how I usually look with my hair up. It will maybe give you are better


WIW: Tan fall ensemble + hair advice needed

I apologize for not beeing very active on the forum, unfortunately life has taken over. This is my outfit for today, based on latest Angie's


WIW: Wearing the Rainbow

So you might have seen a distinct lack of colour from me in my outfits lately. Looking at my outfits last year, I realized that one thing I was


My new top

New NYDJ top with white jeans


So how about this one?

I am wearing this to go shopping and pick up little girl from daycare. New harem pants, new sandals, old shirt and thrifted bag.

WIW 7/18 Always Be Fabulous: Dr. Mommy Princess Ballerina

I'm always up for a good challenge, so since Angie has encouraged us to wear our wonderful wardrobe items, I picked something something really

Coloured pants and white sneakers

Off to meet someone for lunch. These are my thrifted nydj jeans with a merino, a merino cardigan and a jacket. My son was laughing at the face on

Ge'le Day...

Hello Family, Sometimes I want to say: "Is this thing on" I wonder if I write these post only for myself. My friends say I overshare. I know that

My High -Low (and a non-NAS recommendation)

I am wearing my Eilieen Fisher Slim trousers today: http:/..... Along with a lovely asymmetrical top I picked up at Kohl's. I don't buy much


wiw7.18 Kit & Ace summer sale dress.

Really enjoyed wearing this dress today, which I picked up at the Kit & Ace summer sale last week. Very densely woven and heavy cotton


WIW- Hello from Portugal

Dear YLF, I have been spending some time in Portugal but still reading the blog. It always amazes me that I plan wardrobe for vacations but then


WIW 7/19: Blushing Tomato Goes to the Office; ETA - new photo to access the length

Today's outfit is a business casual rendition of the Blushing Tomato ensemble. This J Crew flamingo blouse is a very lucky stalking success: I


WIW: Neckerchief X 3

I finally figured out that I tend to avoid collarless necklines when temperatures are below 72 degrees or so because I get cold. This has been a


WIW: Florida conference travel capsule

I went to a four day conference in Florida last week, during which I also had the opportunity to meet up for dinner with the lovely


WIW 7/18: Summery version of the tan fall ensemble

Today's outfit is inspired by Friday's ensemble, on wearing a tan/toffee topper with neutral tunic, cropped jeans and orange bag. It requires two


WIW: hopefully better gear

On yet another hike. Forced DH to take a picture. This time I wore the new Athleta tee recommended here, and I kept the skort pulled up instead

wiw: Cosima (more Orphan Black)

Hi all For the second part of my Orphan Black "challenge", I decided to use character Cosima as my style inspira.....sima's style is

Somewhere over the Double rainbow...

Hello Family! Longtime no virtually see. We chased a rainbow today. Well, actually yesterday. It was not just one but a double rainbow it must be

WIW to a Barn Wedding

The wedding was at 3pm. I think it was just under 90. I was concerned about being in the sun and wind and took a non gear hat. This dress is the


Stronger pink OTT or not?

I hope this isn't OTT. Same makeup I always wear, just different lipstick.


WIW last Sunday...a dress that's not a dress

This was for a manicure, a little shopping, and then taking a good friend out to dinner for his 55th birthday. Cold cloudy weather with a chance