WIW: Outfits starting with my shoes, the gilets first outing, and the green J Crew coat k/r

I am still in surgery complication recovery mode, so it's a shorter work week than usual for me. I have mostly been sleeping, or heading to the

WIW 9/30 for Babi Yar Remembrance

Today marks the 75th anniversary of Babi Yar, the Ukrainian site of the single deadliest massacre of Jews -- by gunfire -- during the Holocaust.


WIW 9/30: Leopard lined trench coat

I haven't posted a WIW in a while as I have been swamped at work these past couple of weeks. It turns out that taking a week off is an excellent


WIW: Leopard Pattern Mix

Inspired by Angie's post today but not having a leopard topper, I improvised. Too hectic? The bag was made by my aunt from an old sweater. I like


Spring style aspirations

Hi all Work has been sucking up a lot of my energy lately but I am trying to incorporate some style changes for spring. Freshening up my look

WIW 9/29: Studded T strap pumps vs. flats (and should I purge my heels?)

I have a lot of great heels in my shoe collection, but lately I've been reaching for flats a lot more because they're so much more comfy. Whether

Dressing Down a Pussy Bow Blouse

Angie's post on taking the priss out of pussy bow blouses inspired me to wear a favorite blouse to my very casual workplace. For the cool


Wardrobe troubles And some wiw

I am having wardrobe woes . Part is having lost enough weight that things are fitting oddly like shoulders in jackets and armholes in tops etc ..


WIW: NAS Vince Sheath

Hi all, Its been a busy and emotional week so I've been off the forum for a bit. Work has been a bit intense as well, but my investment pieces


Trying out the new gilet

I'm sorry to be so scarce lately. It has been a pretty brutal summer/fall but I'm finding it a little easier to breathe these days.... John's

WIW: casual black and blue 28/9

Our little family is going to a friend for dinner tonight, very casual and relaxed. Had a similar dress like this a few years ago and have really


Hello everyone how are you I am eager to return among one you I miss you a lotSunday was a beautiful day I went to a concert of classical music.

WIW: dark floral and rust

Debuting the velvet floral booties today, with a simple black James Perse tee, Lucky skinnies, and another new jacket (yes, another jacket, I


WIW: Boots on the ground!

Talk about high/low! SW boots, H&M tunic. Love love love these boots! Tying the ties tightly helps them stay up.

Inspired by Angie: high-contrast shoes

Yay, fall is here. I can enjoy my clothes in that more intentional way as I head out for work and errands. And a little heel for some much-needed


WIWx4: early fall layers

Hooray for the return of jacket weather! 1-2: Finally getting a chance to break out my NAS purchases.  This is the Caslon knit blazer, which


WIW - Blues (shoes, pants, and top)

I feel like I'm running out of stuff to wear.  I'm still enjoying the warm weather but not my closet so much.  I feel like this at the

WIW 9/26: all WLF-inspired

My activities for today included taking the results of my wardrobe edit part 2 to Goodwill, doing some errands, and attended an

Wiw in Sydney

I have been back 10 days now but am finally posting some Sydney pics, as Brooklyn asked, since we weren't able to meet. Pics 2&3 are at


Dressing for Hot Fall

It continues to be very hot in the southwest, so I am still wearing my lightweight tunics.  In summer I wear sandals like in the first


WIW: Volunteering to register people to vote

I thought I'd post this after Crazyone asked about what to wear campaigning. http://youlookfab.....though I am volunteering for a campaign, I am


Sunny Sunday Wearing Pastels, Print & Fave Iridescent Shoes

Wore this to go for a quick look round the shopping centre and then for a late lunch at a restaurant with my OH. Cream cami - Primark Blue bird

WIW : Back to Winter

Hi All, Hope you are having a great weekend. As of Friday, I am on holidays for a week so I can spend that last week of school holidays at home


WIW, and my spoils from Saturday's mini meet up.

As you've seen from Jane's post, we got together yesterday for another meet up. We had planned to meet in September and then I found out about a


WIW: Minimal...with Maximal Mary Janes

[With apologies to those who are tired of one or more of these fashion terms. :) ] When Angie posted some fall trends, I took notes on which ones

WIW: Start of Hot Fall

It is still in the upper 90's F when fall starts in my area. I try to compensate by wearing summer type clothing in fall colors.  As in


WIW: Petite Gap 2-Tone Jeans

So...over the very busy last several months, I've collected a handful of potential WIW pix and seem to have hit a spot where I have a little more

Advanced pattern mixing: WIW

To be honest this pattern mixing attempt is slightly driven by laundry considerations ;-)  I am going out to lunch at a very casual place

WIW-Art Prize

We have an annual art show/competition here that lasts 3 weeks and uses our downtown buildings and grounds. It brings artists from all over the


Style Icon Challenge: SJP, Dressy, Part 1

I'm a little late to the Style Icon Challenge party, but some of you said a good match for me would be Sara Jessica Parker, which made me