WWW - what we wore

Standard business wear - pencil skirt, white shirt. I'm really loving buttoning my shirts all the way up and popping the collar too so I went

Couple WIW's

#1 worn to jam night at the bar Clarks boots, Liz Claiborne ponte knit pants, lace high neck top and asymetrical sweater from Target. #2 Kenneth

WIW - blush, not-velvet, pleated skirt

#1 - New blush layered top with polka dot skinnies. #2 - These are my corduroy pants that look like velvet.  I love how luxe they


My sister and I and the travelling pants

My only sister and I are opposite in so many ways. Stylewise, she is curvy, colourful, and boho, where I am angular, neutral-loving, and

Loads of F/W WIW's

I've faithfully taking pictures, at least of most work outfits, but very bad about posting! These are from November into December. 1:


WIWx4: some January color

Here are a few recent January WIWs. 1-2: a handknit sweater over skinnies and my cherry red docs (I also added some scrunched grey socks - I


WiW -shirt and tie

For once I decided against popping my collar (until after work anyway) and wore a black pencil skirt, white shirt and a black tie along with the

WIW With Angie Scarf and Holiday Gifts

Hi, Here are some recent outfits, most are gifts from the holiday. #1-Angie's ScarfThis scarf was one of Angie's accessories picks from this


WIW-Velvet Scarf

I was reminded to wear my velvet scarf by Angie's Velvet post. And it has fringe! :)It's been a long time since I pulled this scarf/wrap out to


WIW: Feeling the January Blues (+ Greens)

Hi YLFers -- ...another installment of "participation over perfectionism"I don't know about you but: In general, and especially in cold weather,


WIW- Birthday Dinner

Tonight was my birthday dinner at the dinner theater. The cabaret style show was really great and dinner was delish. We had a great time. My

Wearing a new gift

Hi Everyone! Hope you're having a relaxing Sunday! I've made a few friends at my Zumba class and one of them got me a gift. A furry-ruffled


Van Gogh vest

As I am behind the computer, why not upload a couple of outfits? Who knows when I will have time again.This vest (I would call it a spencer, but

WIW: A variety of summer looks

Summer has been a little strange weather wise!! It has been the summer of shorts for me, but I have seized a couple of chances to be more dressed

WIW 1-15: floral sweater: thanks to Carter & Style Fan!

Style Fan issued me a challenge a week or so ago to find some ways to style a floral print sweater I showed in this forum posting:

white boots and white loafers and white backless loafers

I'm fond of white shoes -- I have a pair of mid heel white booties and a pair of low heeled cream ones. Looking ahead to spring, I had been


WIW - Ink, rust & tomato, summer style

I love this weeks ensemble colour combination, and so this is what I am wearing today to go to an exhibition at the museum of Tutankhamun's tomb


WIW: My Christmas present boots

We worked on the site where we'll be building our house. I went with Isabel Benenato sweater in findH&M Divided moto skinny jeansCabela's

Slight style shift?

I realize looking at these pictures that they don't look all that different from my usual style but I find myself been gravitating for slightly


WIW Bag, hair and nails

Hello Fabbers (Its been a while since I posted - and feels a bit unfamiliar) I took (for me) a brave step and had a very small red slither of red


WIW- week of 1-9-17

The rest of the week I will be in uniform (except for my Birthday dinner, which I will post on its own) #1 worn to school Uniqlo Heat Tech

WIW - old and new

It seems my style is leaning more to a preppy mod style lately and I can't get away from black (I'm okay with that:) My Ann Taylor top is old,

WIW/2017 Goal: Participation minus Perfectionism

Hello and hopefully happy new year to YLFers! I've been buried in layers due to unusually cold temps and my default uniform of black/grey


What I wore this week

I am still incorporating little color but I am trying to move back to styles I used to wear which is similar to all black number 3 outfit I have

2016 Wardrobe Wins and Fashion Fails

I was thinking about what I bought last year that I really wore and enjoyed and came up with these Wardrobe Wins:1. My most important piece of

WIW - Back in black

It's another dreary day in DC and so black seemed like an obvious choice.  It's so easy and you can always add some accessories although I

WIW: bomber jacket and dress (hi Liz!)

Bought this bomber jacket on sale the other day and though I was hesitant I got many compliments about it in my last post so now I feel confident

WIW - some new items

Happy new year everyone.  I'm hoping everyone has had a good start.  I'm looking forward to posting some work outfits and some casual

2017 Goals. WMC

I've been following along with all the New Years resolutions/goals...and thinking about what I want to accomplish this year... and more


Black, red, and cream, my way

(i.e. more like optic white) Worn for work today (Tuesday). Red wide straight-leg pants, white shirt, black crewneck sweater. And a cream beret,