Wiw - Maneera inspired

Hiya, a quickie outfit. Simple shirt dress worn with sneakers as per the lovely and talented Maneera! I think it hits all my descriptors,

WIW: Quiet Neutrals

When I first saw Angie's blog post about quiet neutrals, I wasn't sure if I could or would try it out. Well lo and behold, an unexpected top came

W.I.W. Pushing the Boundaries at work.....

So I work in I.T. and I am always wondering "Am I pushing the boundaries?".  More and more African Print is being worn in the work place.

WIW: For a Movie

Happy Weekend, all you lovely ladies! Hubs & I are off to watch the new X-men movie (we were traveling when it released last week). Wearing


W.I.W. When I don't want to wear anything......

Hey Family today we had a family get together to remember Memorial Day and to eat BBQ. As a family we observed a moment of silence at 3:00 to

WIW x5 with some updates

Hello everyone, sorry for being so absent from the forum. I thought I'd post some pics to show what I've been wearing lately and how far I've


A Serenely Elegant Week

Here is what I wore to work this week re-created today so I could photograph them quickly for this post. I didn't have time to take daily pics so

Any Fashion Bloggers here?

Hey ladies! Are there any Fashion Bloggers here? I have a question (newbie blogger moment). How much should I charge a small boutique to wear

WIW: Serenity Blue Column

When I posted my blush and pale blue ( serenity) capsule, there was some interest in the crops that I had recently added and not photographed.


WIW - Minimally Fab Weekend

I was inspired by Lisap's post of her weekend WIW. And her question of if it's easier to dress for weekends or work. I answered that I struggle


WIW to graduation

Tis the season...one of my children graduated from college last Thursday and this is what I wore to a banquet the night before. Older Ann Taylor

WIW....Miss Wille Dillo Photo Shoot

Hey YLF Fam! Picture me waving to everyone. So I was so inspired by 2 things. MISS Willo Dillo and Mrs. Roper from 3s Company. You young folks

WIW : Winter Has Arrived!

Hi Fabbers, Yay, it appears we have almost bypassed Autumn and Winter has arrived a few days early... and I couldn't be happier lol. So as you


"You have strings hanging off that...." - WIW

When my mother learned that I was taking a week off for a 'stay-cation' she decided she needed a break from condo life in our nation's capitol

WIW: A Happy Weekend Series

Happy Monday, to all you lovely ladies I had a great weekend. The weather turned (for the better) and we have had lots of rain :) It's way more


W.I.W....HOUSE NATION 30,000 strong.

Hey YLF Family. Saturday was a great day 97 degrees outside in the Chi and the Living is easy breezy. We went HOUSING/Dancing in the Park today


We are experiencing a bit of a heat wave, and I felt the need for a lightweight summer frock. Below is one of my new dresses. It is suitable for

WIW: Cropped Pants & Layers

I loved Angie's post on cropped pants:). Mine are not as cropped but for some reason this is the length that I like on me:). Still gives me a


Weekend black/white/silver. Day and Night.

I've not been feeling it of late with my clothes.  I dread getting dressed in the morning , and don't have budget open for spending money


WIW: cropped pants and asymmetric dress

I love the idea of cropped pants with a dress or long tunic and finally found a pair that I think would work with what i have in my wardrobe.


Blush Banana Jeans

Previously on YLF : I was hesitant to buy these blush jeans. I loved the ensembles based on blush, white and red, but I didn't have the support

WIW. Assymetry

I posted about this 2 weeks ago https://youlookfab.....iated and went back and bought it on Friday I wore it thus to church today. I tried with


WIW-other side of the short work week (and Bea Sandals!)

Hi! So two vacation days cause this week to be a three day-er!  I've mostly been able to lurk this week. I hope to get caught up this


WIW Sneakers outfit and new boots

I have never been much of a sneaker wearer outside of the gym but have been loving my new Vionics and find that they go well with quite a few of


WIW: Cropped Pants

In keeping the spirit of today's ensemble, I tried out my black cropped pants, with a hi-low hem top. I have a few questions: Are these pants the


WIW-- Girl's Day Out

So, this is the outfit I wore on a girl's day out wit my aunt and mom. I got the crop top at Burlington Coat factory, the tank top under neath it

Cropped pants and tunic top

An outfit inspired by Angie's ensemble post today. I rarely wear such open shoes, but liked these with the outfit. The last photo is to show the


WIW 5/27: Long over Cropped Pants

Today's ensemble provided a perfect inspiration for an outfit to wear to the second day of management bootcamp, a shirt dress over a pair of


WIW: blush, tomato, and rose gold

It's turned out to be extremely warm and muggy today, so perfect weather to wear my tomato linen jacket.  (This is my only true tomato red


WIW. ..something of my father's

I don't know if long boots with skinnies are still on trend. I was wearing a merino with a blazer and ended up with my pleather jacket on top