Better late than never: WIW at my wedding!

It seems like many of us including me are having a bit of the blahs and blues right about now, so here's a happy WIW that I never really got


WIW 12.7 I cut the tags

I decided I love the Sorel boots enough to cut the tags and commit to them today. Just a day of running errands and working at home. Worn with


WIW-Maximal scarf-matchy

I was inspired to post today's WIW after Angie's blog post about matching your scarf to your outfit and/or your coat. I feel it's also along the


Few recent WIWs

Hi Ladies Happy Holidays! I've been traveling a bit last couple weeks. Just wanted to share a few outfits and other happy photos. #1: One of my

WIW tree hunting

Little one and I went out back in our woods and cut a Christmas tree today. It got warmer than I expected this afternoon, so I swapped my coat

New puffer!

Ordered three puffers on Black Friday to try on and had planned to do a K/R post when they arrived, but no need to, since this one is hands down

WIW, 12/8

Hi, everyone! This is the first time I've posted an outfit here, mainly because I don't have a great camera/mirror situation. I've decided to


WIW: Inspired by statement leopard bag

It is cold these days, temperature is about zero Celsius, in the morning even less, and I remembered this Angie’s post. I wore black ankle


WIW - New skirt

Hi all. Last weekend I stopped by the Banana Republic store to look around for gifts and of course I ended up buying myself a new pleated skirt.

Small risks

Hi These may seem not risky outfits but for me they push slightly out of my comfort zone. The two items in question are the belt in pic one and


Pity party, pewter puffer, political protest, and pile of poo

The first three pics are pre-Nov 8...more fun colors and patterns. And you saw my colorful election outfit here: http://goldenpig.l.....-week.

WIW: Boho Luxe

Lots of catch-up here! These aren't the best photos I've ever taken, but this is literally the only corner of my house that's reasonably clean


Drop Crotch Harem Overalls...

Hey Family, This was a fit I wore on Sunday to church and for the rest of the day. Tem made this for me because we dance to House Music and you

WIW - ruffles, layers, colored tights, OTK boots

#1 - This was girlier than I usually wear with the pink and ruffles, but I was still happy with the outfit. #2 - Layered a silk shirt under a


WIW dec 7

Casual mum day - baby song group and seeing some other mum friends - so just wanted something relaxed. #1 white cardi, blue green top, black

WIW: A bit of Winter colour

It's the dullest, yuckiest, dampest, foggiest day today here in my little corner of the UK, so I needed some colour to brighten my day up. Enter


WIW: My second schlubby outfit of this gross, wet day

This is my second outfit of the day. The first was just a bunch of random warm things thrown on with that inside out sweater from my earlier

WIW - my crayola outfit

At least that's what I think of every time I wear this scarf! It's been a while since I posted an everyday outfit, so I thought I'd take pictures


WIW - Something old, something new

Hi all. It's been a while.  If you recall, the last time I wore this jacket for my tweed bike ride in early November. It's an old LOFT

WIW x2: Maximal Sweater Dress & Tall Boots

I am finally posting some WIWs after almost a month pause.  I have been scarce on the forum in this periods  for all sorts of reasons,


WIW: Summer patterns

Well summer has arrived here finally!! On Friday I wore for the first time (except for on our Australian holiday) some new shorts.  I love

WIW in a foot of snow

I tested out my LaCanadienne tall boots today. I dusted off about a foot of snow from the car. This activity is actually pretty footwear


WIW 12.3 & debuting the Pendleton coat

Wearing a couple of oldies but goodies today: Club Monaco striped blouse (purchased during a YLF meetup!), Yigal Azrouel convertible jacket, and


WIW Holiday cocktail party

So here's the DKNY dress. Worn with pointy toe suede ankle points that have crystals in the heel. Heel is about an inch. Target mixed pearl &

White jeans outfit. Not quite right?

I wore this to work on Friday. Something seems a bit off. Would love to hear your suggestions.


WIW: I didn't feel fab

Last night we went to the CASA appreciation dinner. I've been a CASA for five years. I've had one case, with three siblings. The older two have


WIW: a forgettable outfit

Today I wore what has been a forgettable outfit.  The skirt is not tight but stays put and is long enough not to have to worry what I am showing


WIW: a couple outfits with the ECCO hightops

1. Going to a movie: Boden London print shirt (this fall) over random Target tank top, Gap outlet jeans (spring 2015), the new burgundy sneakers.

This is my HAPPY FACE...

Hello family, I think this will be the most dressed down you will ever see me. I usally don't wear T-shirts but my favorite and only sister

Wiw: from desk to dinner

You are now entering the twilight zone. This is the time of year when it starts to feel a little surreal to be sharing warm weather outfits when