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3 2 years ago by Mo

Welcome to "Off Topic"

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8 51 minutes ago by tr3kkie9rl

Ink Story

35 1 hour ago by Neelie

Baby has Severe Eczema

5 9 hours ago by dianthus

2015 colors - nasty version

6 11 hours ago by Inge

Happy Purim!

10 11 hours ago by Inge

How about this article on what not to wear after 50?

12 13 hours ago by anne

Healthy habits 3/1

6 14 hours ago by Astrid

Package misdelivery

41 18 hours ago by Elizabeth P

Been A Little Quiet

12 21 hours ago by K.M.

OT: Angie's Hong-Kong condensed-milk toast

21 1 day ago by rachylou

What Colour is the Dress?

17 2 days ago by Diana

Hobbits on a Sunday afternoon.

10 2 days ago by anne

Breaking hair?

18 2 days ago by anne

A lot of house painting pics (including murals)

39 2 days ago by gardenchick

Anyone here had TMJ dysfunction? ETA, diagnosis

12 3 days ago by Sara L.

Cut my bangs, Nashville this weekend, and my first tattoo!!

19 3 days ago by marianna

Excel skills?

46 4 days ago by AJ

Introducing Little Ramya

20 5 days ago by A

For those of us in our 40s...

34 5 days ago by CocoLion

Hello lovely ladies!

19 5 days ago by retailgirl

Tidying magazines

14 6 days ago by Thistle

It's so cold!

1 6 days ago by Angie

Girls at BC getting creative

17 1 week ago by Jules

Anyone listened to "Serial"?

7 1 week ago by Angie

Hello from SA and off to Hong Kong, aka following Angie around the world!

4 1 week ago by Meredith

Can you pull THAT off?

60 1 week ago by Neel

Please send some good vibes my way

17 1 week ago by rebekahphoto


12 1 week ago by annagybe

More bad vintage recipes

17 1 week ago by dashielle

Favorite artisanal cheese?

27 1 week ago by Kari

Paring down the book collection

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