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3 2 years ago by Mo

Welcome to "Off Topic"

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6 15 minutes ago by rabbit

pre-packing has begun

8 1 hour ago by caro in oz

Entering Moving Mode

8 1 hour ago by Echo

Getting a job after 50, ideas for earning a little money?

30 1 hour ago by Amy K.

Safe and sound in new place

3 18 hours ago by Gigi


25 1 day ago by Sheila

More Scotland pics

23 1 day ago by Debbie

CocoLion, are you affected by the fires?

1 1 day ago by Isabel

PSA -Lucky Fabbers in or visiting AZ -- pain management and massage therapist recommendation

17 1 day ago by Pamela

Are you stressed?

19 1 day ago by Diane G

'Happy Moments' Sept 14th

15 1 day ago by Isabel

I will be even more scarce this fall

10 1 day ago by bella

Nesting instinct

9 1 day ago by Debbie

2nd Too-short haircut in a row

28 2 days ago by anne

Ever Realize a Fave Movie is Actually Terrible?

11 2 days ago by Karie

For those trying not to shop

12 3 days ago by lisap

Crest Whitestrips

8 3 days ago by Laurinda

Is your garden still growing?

13 3 days ago by shedev

Healthy Habits 9/14

43 3 days ago by Jules

Co-washing hair

24 4 days ago by Marley

My dog has a torn ACL -- anyone have experience with this?

18 5 days ago by Inge

What have I missed?

11 5 days ago by rachylou

Awesome blog!

24 5 days ago by rachylou

Are You Really Good At Something You Don't Enjoy?

23 6 days ago by columbine

Class Act... not!

31 6 days ago by Laura (rhubarbgirl)


92 6 days ago by MsMary

What I bought in July instead of clothes

7 6 days ago by Isis

So Hilarious!

18 1 week ago by Ceit

Franklin expedition!

7 1 week ago by Mander

For Galaxy fans: Laniakea, our home supercluster

17 1 week ago by Angie

Watch Derek

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