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Chat about fashion and style.
3 2 years ago by Mo

Welcome to "Off Topic"

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16 41 minutes ago by krishnidoux

Like What Some Battles Need Fighting Back

39 2 hours ago by Janet

A little weight loss

59 4 hours ago by Mo

4 years - a step back

59 10 hours ago by krishnidoux

Quick explanation (ETA: update @ bottom)

13 10 hours ago by krishnidoux

'Happy Moments' Oct 21st

37 11 hours ago by krishnidoux

Glory, you ok? Other Ottawa fabbers?

10 1 day ago by crutcher

Exhausted but home from Ireland.

8 1 day ago by alaskagirl

Back from my UK trip

55 1 day ago by Echo

What do you drive? Suggestions?

25 2 days ago by Michelle

Thank you !

16 3 days ago by Isabel

Dark circles and puffy eyes

9 3 days ago by rabbit

Know anything about pet health insurance?

109 3 days ago by Amy K.

Does my boyfriend need a new style?

25 3 days ago by Eliza

8 Days Post-Op

43 4 days ago by krishnidoux

"You have too much clothes" He Invoked

34 4 days ago by Adelfa

My Little Fashionista

36 4 days ago by Adelfa

Lost my job... :-(

4 4 days ago by Angie

Advice for one day in Seattle

18 4 days ago by Jeanie

Job opportunities: What to take?

6 5 days ago by Style Fan

healthy habits 10/19

3 5 days ago by Vildy

VILDY, thanks for Twin Peaks!

52 5 days ago by Angie

My sweet, painful pup...IS HOME!!!

9 5 days ago by Isabel

A funny fashion related link

60 6 days ago by CocoLion

Saying Goodbye

18 1 week ago by Isabel

Only here...

19 1 week ago by Style Fan

Thank you

10 1 week ago by rute

Healthy Habits- 10/12

37 1 week ago by rachylou

Style, etiquette and other differences in relationships

22 1 week ago by Diane G

'Happy Moments' Oct 12th

18 1 week ago by trying...

Gift for the PhD Thesis Defense

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