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3 2 years ago by Mo

Welcome to "Off Topic"

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23 23 minutes ago by viva

perimenopause and hormone replacement

3 28 minutes ago by Eliza

Peace Of Mind

4 3 hours ago by Ornella

Dancing road trip!

24 8 hours ago by Cheryl Glasgow

Help! Mom on Facebook disaster

30 14 hours ago by Lara

Need advice about bad work situation

17 16 hours ago by Makrame

Healthy Habits 9/28

12 17 hours ago by Kristin SF

Aimee Mann

35 20 hours ago by Ornella

Woohoo! 100 miles in the books.

25 21 hours ago by Mo

pre-packing has begun

71 22 hours ago by Aziraphale

Sad news

25 1 day ago by crutcher

Please forgive me, or am I too late?

21 3 days ago by karymk

Getting a job after 50, ideas for earning a little money?

22 3 days ago by dianthus

Best wine glasses?

2 3 days ago by abc

Zara home quality?

15 4 days ago by gardenchick


17 4 days ago by abc

A beautiful fall hike in the mountains...

13 5 days ago by alaskagirl

Luminata Lantern Parade

16 6 days ago by Janet

The sort of questions we never ask

12 1 week ago by Sara L.

Nesting instinct

10 1 week ago by Alassë

Entering Moving Mode

24 1 week ago by columbine

CocoLion, are you affected by the fires?

10 1 week ago by Thirkellgirl

2nd Too-short haircut in a row

27 1 week ago by Janet

More Scotland pics

93 1 week ago by ManidipaM

What I bought in July instead of clothes

30 1 week ago by Amy K.

Safe and sound in new place

3 1 week ago by Gigi


1 1 week ago by Isabel

PSA -Lucky Fabbers in or visiting AZ -- pain management and massage therapist recommendation

17 1 week ago by Pamela

Are you stressed?

19 1 week ago by Diane G

'Happy Moments' Sept 14th

15 1 week ago by Isabel

I will be even more scarce this fall

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