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3 1 year ago by Mo

Welcome to "Off Topic"

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1 27 minutes ago by Alexandra

Bustin' Out!

7 2 hours ago by Beth Ann

Hide the bodies!

21 5 hours ago by MsKatieKat

Ever taken the DISC test?

18 7 hours ago by Beth Ann

Mini Boston reunion with Isabel!

27 11 hours ago by Emily


22 11 hours ago by shedev

Healthy Habits 8/17

31 17 hours ago by JAileen

Our dog got skunked

6 1 day ago by Runcarla

Cinnabon president's tips for success

123 1 day ago by DEB

Introducing DD

19 2 days ago by Echo


18 3 days ago by Kari

OT: Puppy update

19 4 days ago by abc

Vent: Canadian Shipping!!

19 4 days ago by alaskagirl

Guardians of the Galaxy: Loved it.

85 5 days ago by Debbie

Depressed or just unhappy?

4 5 days ago by Ummlila

Road trip to ME extended - places to visit in MA or NH?

8 5 days ago by Style Fan

Quebec Travel - Advice needed

9 6 days ago by Karie

Want a good laugh....

22 6 days ago by Hil

Fitness aches and pains!

12 1 week ago by Karie

On the road again, to Maine - any recommendations?

14 1 week ago by jackiec


8 1 week ago by Louise

Assigning Meaning to Objects

28 1 week ago by Alassë

Sold! Our house, that is.

23 1 week ago by Alassë

Back, with a new "accessory"

13 1 week ago by Aziraphale

Supermoon on my birthday!

8 1 week ago by Sarah A

Home Office

1 1 week ago by Angie

Blast from the past: "Humans of Cape Town"

16 1 week ago by Jules

Please give me some house hunting advice

15 1 week ago by Eliza

‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’

17 1 week ago by Deborah

An Early Start!

10 1 week ago by shedev

healthy habits 8/10

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