Two Fab Pairs of Pearl Earrings

Both sets of earrings are pricey but they’ll stand the test of time, each making a statement in a their own subtle way. They’re different and look beautifully made. The CZ Cube Earrings encase a pearl within a see-through cube, AND they’re double sided. The Cat Saltwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings are for kitty lovers. They are extremely delicate, which is what I love most about them. They would be mine if they were Yorkies — and I don’t even wear earrings.

Big Earrings and Your Style

Most of my clients and friends wear earrings. They tend to wear small to medium size studs, hoops or delicate dangly styles. Some will wear big earrings at night or for formal occasions, but only a handful of clients will wear big earrings during the day with casual or smart casual outfits. And by big earrings, I mean LARGE earrings that make a statement, as shown on the models below. 

serefina Peacock EarringsNordstrom Double Wire Hoop Earrings

Big earrings vary in size, mass, and in their level of dressiness. The chunkier the earring, the more noticeable the statement. The more ornate and shiny the earring, the dressier the vibe. You can, though, wear big earrings that are fairly small in mass, like hoops. Their transparent integrity makes them more subtle, and therefore more wearable during the day than chunky or ornate styles. 

I’ve also noticed that it’s often my friends and clients with big hair that sport big earrings. They have thick and often curly hair, which means that small, simple and subtle earrings would be lost. The scale of large earrings complements the scale of their hair. I love the way they’ve made big earrings part of their signature style — to the extent that it would be odd to see them wear dainty studs. 

Kendra Scott Rogan Pearl Stud Earrings

I occasionally see people with very short hair wear big earrings casually during the day. That to my eye makes an even greater statement because the earrings are more visible. You can create the same dramatic effect by wearing long hair up and away from your face. Wearing one big earring and one small earring is a nod to the popular asymmetrical trend, and another way to go. 

Nadri Legacy Crystal Chandelier Earrings

I fully support wearing big earrings at any time of the day if that’s your thing. There is no need to reserve them for occasions, unless they feel off, get in the way, or you have a strict work dress code (smaller earrings tend to look more appropriate in a conservative office setting). Casual big earrings or oversized hoops are a nice way to break in the look when chunkier styles are out of your comfort zone. 

I don’t wear earrings at all, and prefer to make a statement with my specs. Over to you. Do you wear big earrings, and if so, will you sport them casually during the day?

My Amazing and Adorable Papa

My darling Papa lives in a very quaint little town called Velp in the Netherlands. After living abroad for more than forty years, he moved back to his home town when my Mum passed away sixteen years ago. 

Papa neither drives nor rides a bicycle anymore. He walks everywhere, and takes the bus when going further afield. He organizes a shuttle service when he needs to go to the airport to visit family because the train — with luggage and several stopovers — is a little stressful in his mid eighties. He does his groceries the Euro way — getting what he needs fresh daily and cooking it that evening. He ventures out most days to get exercise and his essential cup of strong coffee in the bookstore where he reads several newspapers from cover to cover. And like his daughter, he enjoys cake, chocolate, biscuits and ice cream, and makes sure he has a good supply at home to nibble on as he listens to Dixieland Jazz. 

Papa is an accountant by profession. He participates in his Home Owners Association and handles the budget and the books for his apartment block. He’s been doing this for years, and doesn’t miss a trick. His arithmetic is faster than my calculator and he never forgets a number. He’s detail-orientated and sharp. The HOA is very lucky to have him head things up.

Papa loves boats, books, bagpipes, anything naval, languages, the sea, jazz, horses and dogs. He also loves wine, Asian food, politics, chess, old movies, a good murder mystery, making Dutch pancakes, and keeping up with current affairs. He is worldly and widely read. Up until ten years ago, he also enjoyed travelling. But these days limits his travel to seeing family in London and Seattle. Our family reunion in London with my brother Hugo last year was magical, and Papa couldn’t have been happier with everyone together. Here’s a 2015 photo of the three of us in my brothers’ house about to tuck into an Indian feast of take-out. London has the best Indian food, and we always look forward to it. 


I can’t think of an activity my Papa enjoys less than shopping. It’s absolute punishment to him! But he does want to look put together every day, so we’ve built casual capsules with: jeans, tucked-in button-down shirts, pullovers, jackets, coats, scarves, hats, and supportive leather shoes that match his belts. He never wears shorts, T-shirts or sneakers because he prefers dressier classics. Like most Dutch men, he’s adventurous with colours and will comfortably wear orange, turquoise, red and lime green like a neutral with denim. His entire wardrobe comes from the Gap, J.Crew, Macy’s and Nordstrom. Papa is very happy with his “uniform dressing” style because it’s easy, comfy and suits his lifestyle. 


Many positive words come to mind when I think about my wonderful Papa. Independent, resourceful, tenacious, intelligent, patient, discerning, humble, careful, practical, handy, charming, gentle, generous and smiley. He grew up in the worst of times in the Netherlands right in the middle of World War II. I attribute his strength and hardy persona to these very rough circumstances. My Papa is a survivor, and absolutely incredible to be living unassisted at his age with kids who are far away. I speak to him every morning to catch up and check in that everything is okay. And each morning I am in awe of one of my favourite people in the world. I deeply respect my amazing and adorable Papa, and love him with all my heart. 

We at YLF wish you a happy Father’s Day. 



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Dressing for Others

There are all sorts of reasons to dress for our own pleasure, completely independently of what others may think. We appreciate aesthetics. Looking good is a source of self-esteem. Fashion is a creative outlet, a hobby, and a topic to share with others. But we also dress with others in mind

We notice (and maybe admire) people who have a flair for fashion and are well put together. And there is nothing wrong with wanting our outfits to be appreciated too. A compliment about our style can be just what the doctor ordered when we’re feeling down or out of sorts. 

You might dress a certain way for a significant other, your parents, your children, or a particular set of friends. You might choose a particular dress code to fit into your environmental norms. It’s thoughtful to keep your audience in mind when we dress, and can also make us feel more comfortable. 

Of course, I dress for myself. But I absolutely dress for others too. I’m a fashion professional so there is the expectation that I “practice what I preach” on YLF, and stay abreast of the trends. Sometimes I will wear a certain item because hubby Greg likes it (tight black turtleneck, bell-bottom jeans, white jeans, and ink blue military coat come to mind right away). My Dad loves dresses and skirts, so I like to wear those more often when he’s visiting. And I adjust my outfit to suit the dress code of each individual client because it helps me to relate to them more easily.

Over to you. Do you dress more for your own pleasure, or with others in mind?

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