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Spring 2015: Defining the Waist

by Angie

In my trend forecast for Spring and Summer 2015 I mentioned that defining the waist is making as much of a fashion statement as surrendering the waist with fluid and oversized fits. This does not mean that we are back to body con silhouettes. It is more about belting roomy silhouettes at the natural waist, or tucking fluid pieces into bottoms with structured waistlines. That way there is ample movement in the outfit, which is not the case in body con clothing. 

I’ve been pinning directional and trending outfits across all the shows for Spring 2015. Lets take a peek at how the waist was defined on the runways: 

  1. High-waisted sash belt over cropped pants with layering tee and boxy cropped jacket.
  2. Skinny belt over long, drapey and lightweight layers.
  3. Double waist belt over a double shirtdress.
  4. Waist belt and bow over ruffles.
  5. Paperbag pleated trousers with soft tucked shell, ‘80s style.
  6. Crisp tailored belted jacket over romantic ruffles.
  7. Another crisp tailored belted jacket over ankle pants.
  8. Fluid top tucked into a maxi A-line skirt.
  9. Soft fit-and-flare dress.
  10. Soft blouse tucked into a structured pencil skirt.
  11. Dramatic fluid shirt tucked into an equally dramatic flared midi with skinny belt and strappy ballet flats. I want this outfit.
  12. Tucked plaid shirt tucked into a flared midi with earthy waist belt.
  13. Tonal High-Waisted Structure.
  14. High-waisted wide legs with roomy shell top.
  15. Ruffles tucked into ruffles.
  16. Peplum blazer worn over a fluid sweater with slouchy capris and sneakers.
  17. Belted colour blocked midi dress.
  18. Dramatic sash over multiple avant-garde layers.
  19. Soft blouse with a self fabric belt.
  20. Another soft shirtdress.
  21. High-waisted space age fabness.
  22. Conventionally flattering skirt suit with webbing belt.
  23. Broad gold waist belt with ruffles, shorts and flat oxfords.
  24. Skirt over pants with tucked blouse and tuxedo jacket.

Defined Waist Collage

The clothing isn’t tight. For the most part there is a fantastic sense of ease and movement in the silhouettes. This is true on both the top and the bottom parts of the outfits despite the waist definition. Waist structure is achieved by silhouettes that are tailored on the hips and high on the waist when they aren’t belted. The combinations look fresh and complement the slouchy trend. 

I love the crisp belted jacket styles and will try those on when they hit retail. They might add a nice change of silhouette to my jacket capsule. But they aren’t without their drawbacks. First, they look best belted, which makes the look less versatile and more constricting. I’m used to keeping my jackets open so I’d need to get my head around that way of styling again. Second, they can bunch below the waist when you sit down, so you need a style that’s shorter or cut-away at the hem. 

I love shirtdresses and would wear a soft belted version in a heartbeat. But belting lots of layers at the waist is uncomfortable, a little bulky, and fussy because the layers shift around. I do like the idea of tucking fluid pieces into high-waisted trousers because I’m an ‘80s gal at heart. I also love wearing belted low rises and will enjoy the variety. Like I mentioned earlier this week, I love the look of fashionable slouch, but prefer a mixture of refined tailoring along with it.

I’m not sure how my clients will react to belting multiple layers or belted jackets. But I have a hunch that soft belted shirtdresses and tucking fluid blouses into structured bottoms will go down well. High-waisted bottoms can be very girdling and comfortable, and smooth out the midsection. Tucking into them however, shortens an already short waist, which gives gals with longer torsos a little more wiggle room. 

Over to you. What’s your take on the “new” defined waist?

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Fashion News Roundup: Week 43, 2014

by Inge
Sophia Webster and J.Crew continue their collaboration, an interesting H&M book will hit the shelves next month, Rakuten launches a US fashion website, and more news from the style trenches this week.

Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that British chemist Sir William Henry Perkin accidentally discovered the colour mauve while trying to find a synthetic substitute for the antimalarial drug quinine. He originally named it “Tyrian Purple,” but soon changed it to mauve or mauveine, which became the world’s first synthetic dye.

Mom on the Go Ensemble: The Statement Sweater

by Angie

This is the most popular Mum on the Go casual outfit formula with my clients at the moment because it’s fast, fashionable and comfortable. It’s all about the chunky or semi-chunky, fluid or oversized, statement pullover that’s an easy pull-on-and-go piece over jeans or casual bottoms. Add a pair of boots and a bag, and Bob’s your uncle. 

Karen Millen Tweed TunicKaren Millen Aztec Knit

Choose any colour palette. Here are the components:

Sweater: You’re after a super cozy BIG pullover, either solid or patterned, with a neckline of your choice. Remember that a welted hem, high-low hemline, or any style of cocoon shape silhouette that tapers back onto the hip will give the sack-like silhouette ample structure. Tapered sleeves add further structure. Opt for a length that is sufficiently long to cover the top part of the leg if you’re shy about showcasing that part of the body. Otherwise, a length that grazes the crotch point is fine. 

A camisole, thermals or long-sleeved tee under the sweater provides extra insulation if the draught is a little chilly for your liking. 

Jeans or Casual Pants: Choose relaxed skinnies (or slim-fit boyfriend jeans), straight leg jeans, Ponte pants or leather jeggings. Roll the hems to showcase bootie detailing, or wear them unrolled. Bootcuts will also work because they’re fitted on the thigh, providing structure for the sweater. 

Casual Boots: Choose booties, mid-calf styles, or knee-high casual boots that are flat or heeled. Wedge sneakers are another option. 

Accessories: Finish off the look with a shoulder bag, crossbody, hobo or satchel. Wear a hat like a newsboy, haute baseball cap or beanie if you fancy headgear. Or add a scarf for textural interest. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

Top the whole lot off with a coat that fits over the sweater. It’s best not to choose a sweater with a dolman sleeve because that makes fitting the coat, unless it’s a cape or cocoon shape, a lot more tricky. 

Mom on the Go Ensemble: The Statement Sweater

Some of my stay at home, or work from home clients have made this outfit formula their cold weather uniform because its simplicity and coziness cannot be beat. They have an assortment of sweaters in a range of thicknesses and colours with bottoms to match. A capsule of good looking weatherproof boots is the finishing touch. Current and practical.


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Link Love: Mad for Plaid

by Inge

After returning home from Seattle with a plaid cape coat, two plaid flannel shirts, and window pane plaid trousers and pullover, I am now eyeing a gingham button-down. I clearly have checks on my mind, and intend to wear them all season long. For those of you sharing my “mad for plaid” mood, I’ve rounded up some fun plaid-spiration:

Fab Links from Our Members

La Belle Demimondaine found Kali’s shopping and un-shopping processes very understandable, and relatable. She was also quite taken with the concepts of a “Minimalist Haul”, and “Five Outfits Level 2″.

MuseumGal enjoyed this NPR piece on power dressing for women.

After ordering a few pieces from Ann Taylor and exploring ways to wear them Carole found their blog, and she loves the “3 Ways to Wear” posts. Great ideas to get the creative juices flowing!

16 Ways to Tuck, Tie, Roll, and Twist Your Clothes Like a Stylist“. Citygirldc was delighted to come across this Buzzfeed article, as she has always wanted to know how to do these styling tricks.

Ingunn likes the concept behind new website Wardrobe Icons: “A very tightly edited fashion shopping site is interesting, because for me, fewer choices are always better, at least that’s how I feel when I browse their site.”

Vildy thought this article on “dynamic pricing” was very interesting.

Angie lets us know that Jean Paul Gaultier’s very last ready-to-wear runway show did not disappoint and received a standing ovation by all. In true Gaultier fashion, he challenges runway conventions with a huge sense of humour and enormous creativity. Be sure to read all about his motivations behind the designs for this collection in the write-up. It’s a masterpiece. 

Last but not least, Angie also thinks the Moschino’s 2015 Spring “Barbie” show is worth a peek. She said: “It’s time to forget about how you really feel about Barbie, and enjoy the show for the drama and creativity that came down the runway. Those oversized plastic accessories are a work of art.”

Rebel Chic

Jean Druesedow

The Sartorialist: Closer

Scott Schuman

The Truth About Style

Stacy London

kate spade new york

Deborah Lloyd

You Are What You Wear

Jennifer Baumgartner

A Fun Matchy-Matchy Ensemble

by Angie

A few weeks ago Inge and I were shopping together when we stumbled across a fun outfit combination. Inge fell in love with the Shadow Plaid Barely Boot Editor Pant from Express, and had to try them on. You can’t see the subtle navy and dark red plaid all that clearly in the photo, but if you click on the pants and magnify them, you’ll see the pattern in more detail. 

As Inge tried on the pants she happened to be wearing Ann Taylor’s Oversized Shirt in white, untucked under the Loft’s Windowpane Sweater, with a pair of rolled straight leg jeans. She emerged from the dressing room to ask what I thought of the pants and I was bowled over by the whole ensemble. “Matchy-matchy fabness!” I remember exclaiming. And Inge loved it too.

The plaid on the pants were a great match with the squares of the window pane sweater, and everything was in the same colour palette.

Inge had to order a longer inseam, but she got the pants. The day they arrived Inge wore the ensemble out to dinner. She finished off the look with Seychelles Solitude black booties, and a rich cognac cheetah clutch. A great outfit that came together coincidentally. Brilliant.