Boho Lite in Arizona

Last month we visited friends in hot and dry Arizona, which is where these photographs were taken. This is one of the outfits I wore and it was breezy, yet sufficiently covered for the harsh desert sun. I was very comfortable as long as we weren’t in air conditioning. All the items are new, which is unusual since I prefer to remix new items with older wardrobe pieces. 

The white eyelet empire blouse was love at first sight. The silhouette may seem out of character at first, but actually it’s sufficiently crisp, woven and structured. It has the elements of my beloved button-down shirts, making it less of a stretch than you might expect. It reminds me a bit of an Anne Fontaine shirt, which is probably what drew me to the style. I love cotton eyelet, the fitted sleeves, the prettiness of the silhouette, the perfectly neat shirt collar, and the straight lines of the knife pleated peplum that make it look more architectural.

Arizona Boho - Blouse Side

The flat back of the style is genius, because it prevents the silhouette from billowing out too much from the side view. I can wear a nude-for-me bra without it showing through the eyelet, so no camisole required. In fact, I think the outline of a camisole ruins the lines of the blouse. That and the ventilation of the peplum and eyelet fabric means it’s definitely a piece reserved for hot days.

Arizona Boho - Blouse Close

I couldn’t be happier with the higher rise Resolution slim straight skimmer jeans by Gap. They are extremely comfortable, super soft, and not as tight as sausage casing skinnies. Their slim fit adds structure that complements the voluminous eyelet blouse nicely, which is why I debuted the pieces together. I did not roll the hems of the jeans because I prefer them at this length when pairing them with ankle strap footwear. 

Arizona Boho - Blouse & Bag

Arizona Boho - Blouse & Bag

Ankle pants were made to wear with ankle strap footwear because the combination closes the gap. That’s why I chose my Franco Sarto Holt flats for this outfit. They are “my sandals” because I like closed toe shoes with open heels in Summery weather. The white toe boxes work well with the white shirt. The low-contrast straps, which are low contrast against my skin tone and the jeans, lengthen the leg line. 

Arizona Boho - Blouse & Bag

I would generally have preferred to fully or partially tuck the top to lengthen the leg line from the hips up since I’m wearing flats with ankle pants. But that isn’t possible with this blouse. The low contrast between the top, jeans and footwear is what makes this outfit just flattering enough because the horizontal lines are very subtle. A high-contrast untucked black top would have broken the vertical line and made me feel short in the leg. 

Arizona Boho - Blouse & Bag Close

I finished off the look with a rusty red suede ombré clutch from Zara. The suede is adequately casual. The shape of the clutch adds a graphic touch, which tempers the Boho effect of the blouse. The inexpensive straw cowgirl hat was purchased on our trip, and I’m THRILLED with it. For years I’ve been looking for a fun straw hat that fits my very small head. I stumbled across this one in a kids size and it’s perfect. It offers fab protection from the sun and does not create hat head. A very well spent $17. A watch, wedding ring and my only pair of prescription sunnies are all the extras I need to complete the outfit. 

Arizona Boho - Hat Close

Arizona Boho - Hat

If you asked me last year whether bohemian tops, high-waisted ankle length jeans and a cowgirl hat would be on my shopping list in 2015, I’d have said thats highly unlikely. But here I am going Boho Lite for Summer. It feels fresh and panders to my need to wear soft and pretty things. As long as I can incorporate crisp, polished and tailored components into the outfit, it works for my style.

Flares with Ladylike Soft Edge

A new outfit from Brenna Mari from Chic Street Style, who we introduced to YLF in January 2014.

The drape front blouse outfit gets its polish from the perfectly fitting white flares, silver metallic pointy toe pumps and tailored pleather jacket. Brenna’s jeans are fitted on the waist and hips, which provides structure for the roomy high-low hemline blouse. The black jacket, together with the nubbly texture on the black and white clutch, adds ladylike edge. Our blogger’s low, slicked back ponytail is a fun Retro 70′s touch. Bright red fingernails, and faceted glass crystal bracelet and earrings are the sparkly finishing touches.

Brenna Mari - 1

Brenna Mari - 2

New: Add More Pictures to Your Finds

Another week and another frequently requested enhancement to Finds. You can now upload additional pictures to the Finds in your collection. Just open the detail page for any Find and underneath you will see a new “Add a Photo” button. Click or tap that button and you’ll be able to select a photo (or take one, if you are using a smartphone with a camera). You can add multiple photos to a Find.

Personally, I plan to add photos of my outfits where I’m wearing the item. For example, here are the photos I added for my white AG jeans. You will also be able to see them if you go to the detail page for that Find.

Uploaded Pictures

You will see a little gear icon on the bottom right of each of your uploaded photos. That opens a menu where you can remove the photo (be careful, it gets deleted immediately), or make it the cover for the Find. Now, by “cover” we mean the picture that appears on the little card that represents the item wherever it appears on YLF. 

The screenshots below illustrate the steps for changing the cover. First click or tap the gear on the picture that you want for the cover, then choose “Use as Cover”. You will immediately see the change. Note that the text underneath the card now says “Image by you” instead of “Image by Bloomingdale’s”. Note also that you can change the cover back to the original Bloomingdale’s image by clicking or tapping “restore default cover” (step 3 in the screenshots below).

Changing a Cover

While everyone can see the pictures you add to the details page of a Find, only YOU see the changes you make to its cover. You don’t affect the way other people see the card for a Find. They either see the default image or a picture they have chosen from their own pictures.

Please give it a whirl. As always, let us know in the technical support area of the forum if you encounter any problems.


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Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that Italian designer Elsa Schiaparelli is considered the pioneer when it comes to incorporating hands into fashion. She was influenced by surrealism, worked with artists like Jean Cocteau and Salvador Dalí, and her 1934 collection “showed belts made from hands, a handbag with hand fasteners, and a jacket decorated with a hand motif”.

Ensemble: Denim Shorts with Interesting Top and Hat

This ensemble was inspired by a Summer outfit formula I suggested in 2012 and that has been repinned 618 times on Pinterest. It’s one of the simplest ensembles I’ve posted, so it just goes to show the popularity of casual outfits that are comfortable and easy to put together. 


Here’s the updated version with more variety in each of the components. It’s the type of outfit you can wear in very casual settings. As a Mum on the go at the park, out and about at the beach, lake or pool, or on a hot day at home. Two things make this outfit a little more special. Most importantly the top, which is more interesting than a basic T-shirt. Next, the footwear, which is a step up from rubber flip flops.

Here’s the updated version:

Denim Shorts with Interesting Top and Hat

Here are the components:

Denim Shorts: Choose a pair of denim shorts in blue or white at a length that works for you. From short shorts and mid-thigh lengths to denim Bermudas and longer clamdiggers. Jeans that have been cut off to create shorts work well too. Boyfriend denim shorts are another way to go, but might require a belt to hold them up. Shorts that fit on the waist without a belt are an easier and more comfortable option. 

Interesting Casual Top: Think beyond the basic T-shirt. For starters I’ve used a striped tee with side seam beading, a ruffled white boho top, a kimono blouse, a shark’s bite tunic, and an asymmetrical tank top. But there are many more styles of casual top to consider in either a knit or woven fabrication. Choose any colour in a solid or pattern. Fluid or oversized fits work best for this very casual look 

Tunics are fab with tight clamdiggers if you’re shy about showcasing your thighs. Most tops can be worn out, but feel free to partially tuck the front for a little more structure. 

Footwear: Think updated casual footwear like Birkenstocks or other styles of soft footbed sandals. Thong sandals, gladiators, low wedge sandals, slip-on sneakers, flatforms, espadrilles, slides, Toms and loafers are other options. 

Hat: Think big floppy straw or felt hats, a straw fedora, Panama hat, or Western cowgirl hat. Choose any colour in the hat. No need to stick to neutrals if that’s not your cup of tea. 

Accessories: Choose a very casual bag like a straw tote, beach tote, upscale backpack, crossbody or leather tote. Finish off the look with jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired. 

I wore this outfit formula on holiday in hot Arizona last month. I combined a pair of old and long denim cut-off shorts with a white cropped waffle knit top, white loafers, a casual red suede clutch, and straw cowgirl hat. Apart from the shorts, here are the exact items of the outfit. The loafers were a tad dressy for the look, but it worked well nonetheless.