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Style is not a dress size.

Consistently Fab: American Eagle Sweats

by Angie

Every year around this time, when items are offered at discounted prices, I replenish my much worn hoodies and sweatpants. Invariably I end up purchasing them from American Eagle, again. I’ve been raving about American Eagle hoodies and sweatpants for eight years

There is something about the quality, fit and assortment of colours that keeps me coming back to their products. And the price points are excellent too. Their sweats are very warm, cozy, durable and vibrant. They have plenty of length in the legs and arms. The fleece doesn’t stretch out and look sloppy, and the necklines are sufficiently tailored so that I’m not drowning in the opening. They also launder well, and the colours don’t run or fade in the wash. 

This year I bought American Eagle hoodies in neon and cobalt, and sweat pants in cobalt and charcoal. I need two pairs so that I don’t bottleneck in the laundry. I wear the neon hoodie with the cobalt pants, and the cobalt hoodie with the charcoal pants. I need my sweats to be big and floppy, so I size up in these pieces. You might find that they run a little small, and size up anyway.

My lounging hoodies and sweatpants are wardrobe workhorses because I wear them daily at times when other people might wear a robe. I put them on first thing in the morning before I shower, and again in the evening when we wind down for the day. They never leave the house unless I pack them for travel. I know they look very teenybopper for a 44 year old. In fact Greg commented that my sweats are radioactive this year because they’re even brighter than they usually are. But they continue to fit the bill and make me happy, so why not.

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The Colour Red and Your Style

by Angie

Retailers in the United States sell red merchandise in November and December because people tend to wear more red during the holidays. Some of my clients, both men and women, don’t wear red at all during the year, but will pull out a red top, sweater, dress, skirt, bag or shoes, and wear them for dressy or casual Christmas events. There is something about the colour that makes them feel extra festive at this time of year. 

Twenty-five years ago, I couldn’t understand why anyone wouldn’t like the colour red. To me, it is virtually a neutral. And I mean all shades of it. From the brightest orangey tomato red, to a true fire engine red, and bluer based darker reds like oxblood, claret and burgundy. Of course, I soon realized that colour preferences are highly subjective and can stir up a lot of emotion. 

Most of my clients enjoy wearing a darker, blue based red like oxblood and burgundy, while a smaller team bats for brighter, orange based reds. Many of them will wear their preferred shade of red throughout the year, but amp things up at Christmas time. Others prefer to wear red in a more subtle way, like as an accent in a pattern, or in an accessory like a scarf, bag, hat or eyewear, as a lipstick, or on a pair of shoes. A handful of my clients won’t touch red at all. 

A bright, happy and sour tomato red has been one of my favourite colours for as long as I can remember. I will wear it at any time of the year, and in just about any wardrobe item. I don’t make a point of wearing more red during the holidays, but will gladly do so if it works out that way, as it did with my outfit for this year’s holiday bash at The Georgian

Over to you. How do you incorporate red into your style, and do you make a point of wearing more of it during the holidays? Or do you not wear red at all?

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Fab Find: Calvin Klein Collection Ankle Boot

by Angie

The flat white pointy toe Beatle booties from Zara that I bought last year have been wardrobe workhorses. They add a modern and fresh touch to jeans/trouser outfits, are extremely comfortable, and I love the colour. I WISH I had bought another pair when they were still available, but alas, I was too late and they were gone. 

Where others choose black or brown booties to complete their outfits, I often choose a shade of white. So I’ve been on the hunt for a similar pair of flat white booties because my Zara’s are looking quite haggared from wearing them into the ground. Nothing fit the bill until I stumbled across the Calvin Klein Collection Ankle Boot. These are much better quality than the original pair from Zara, and they are even more comfortable. The leather is very soft and the bootie somehow offers support despite the flat heel. The ankle openings do not cut into my shins, and the heels do not slip off my feet.

I also love the look: ultra refined and modern. They don’t have a pointy toe, but the toe box is long which helps elongate the leg line.

Calvin Klein Collection Ankle Boot

They run true to size and work for both low or regular volume feet. I do not think they will work well for wide feet. 

I do not intend to wear these booties with skirts and dresses, so I don’t mind the wider ankle opening. In fact, it works particularly well with rolled jeans. They are also available in black, and you can get an extra 20% off all YOOX orders with code: JUSTINTIME.


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Three More Reasons to Love Jeans

by Angie

There are many, many reasons to love wearing jeans. A flattering and comfortable fit is probably top of the list for most women, and while I do agree that jeans can be flattering and comfy, these are not my top reasons for loving them. Personally, I find a soft pair of baggy wool or cotton trousers a lot more comfortable than a pair of jeans. And a pencil skirt or tailored dress is probably more conventionally flattering. 

Jeans are one of my wardrobe essentials for three completely different reasons.

1. Jeans Are Practical 

Blue, black and grey jeans are extremely practical for just about any task.  No need to worry about flashing your knickers when the wind blows. When I’m wearing my jeans I feel like I can just get on with it. In a skirt, a dress or dressy trousers I feel more restricted.

Denim is a hardy fabric. As we would say in Dutch, “het kan tegen een stootje”, which means that it can take a beating. Blue and black jeans can stay looking crisp and fresh for several wears, making them laundry-friendly and even more durable. 

2. Jeans Are Versatile

Jeans can be dressed up or down, which means that by changing up their support act, we can wear both super casual and dressy smart casual outfits with the same pair of jeans. By changing the flavour of an outfit, we can wear jeans in all sorts of settings and look completely acceptable and appropriate. And since many, many people wear jeans, it’s a way of fitting into your environmental norm. 

On top of that, the most popular colours of denim are versatile neutrals. Somehow even blue denim can work in almost any colour palette.

3. Jeans Are Fashionable

It’s amazing how a good pair of jeans can increase the fashion quotient of a top or topper. Sometimes when a top worn with a skirt or a pair of trousers looks meek and borderline frumpy, you can pair it with a pair of fabulous jeans instead to make the outfit instantly more hip and fashionable. For an extra kick, wear white jeans. They are bright, dressy and crisp. 

I’m not sure what came first: jeans designs getting increasingly fashionable, or jeans becoming acceptable in more situations. But these two trends are moving hand in hand. We are a jeans wearing generation.

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Fashion News Roundup: Week 50, 2014

by Inge
Demand for the L.L. Bean “duck boot” is through the roof, Olivia Wilde becomes the new face of H&M’s Conscious Exclusive line, a new and unexpected J.Crew collaboration, and more news from the fashion trenches this week.

Fun Fashion Fact

From Alannah Weston, Creative Director at Selfridges, and Floriane de Saint Pierre, “recruitment mogul of the fashion industry”, to fashion photographer Inez van Lamsweerde, and actor and style icon Tilda Swinton, did you know you can read an in-depth profile of these and thirty-five other fascinating women on The Library page of British magazine The Gentlewoman.