Nordstrom Roundup: Soft White Tops

You might not like to wear a white top on its own, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a selection of white tops in your wardrobe. White tops are excellent layering pieces because they ground hectic colour combinations, like bright purple with mint. They also add a Summer freshness to an outfit. And if you don’t know which colour to pair with a pair of bottoms, add a white top because it often works better than black. 

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Outstanding Outfit Bloggers

Petite Modern Classic Pizzazz

Connecticut-based Elle (28) works in operations management, and blogs about her style over at Fast Food & Fast Fashion. Our 5’2″ blogger favours Modern Classic pieces, which she uses to create on-trend and impactful outfits. Her style is feminine, polished, with preppy and playful touches thrown into the mix. She adores a bold print, scarves, pearls and can’t resist the call of a beautiful bag. 

“I take more calculated risks than I used to; my style used to be more whimsical but occasionally toed the line of overwrought. These days I mostly tweak one or two elements of a dependable outfit and try new patterns and prints for variety.”

Elle - 1

Elle - 1

Elle is a firm believer in the power of classic wardrobe items. Here she uses two Modern Classics, her double-breasted stone Burberry trench and black pointy-toe pumps, to ground a pair of on-trend, distressed boyfriend jeans. Instead of a classic white button-down, our blogger went for a light grey ruffled blouse. The light grey is unexpected paired with the stone trench, and works well with the gold-toned watch and chain strap on the crossbody. The ruffle adds playful flounce. Elle’s black bag and belt echo the buttons on the coat, and her black hair bookends the high-heeled shoes. Red lippie and oversized sunnies finish off the look.

Elle - 2

Elle - 2

Our blogger has a soft spot for bold prints, and made these green skinny cords with ribbon bow print the star of this polished Sporty Luxe look. Pairing the patterned pants with a striped long-sleeved tee makes for some fun pattern mixing. Layering a short-sleeved shirt over the tee adds warmth and dresses up the look. The underlay detail gives the top more length, which works well with the skinny trouser silhouette. A structured navy satchel and the J.Crew Majesty Peacoat with gold buttons add classic crispness, while the iconic white Converse sneakers inject a tomboy vibe.

Elle - 3

Sporting a light-coloured coat and bright sweater is a great way to liven up a dreary Winter’s day. The cream and burnt orange colour combo looks beautiful on our blogger. Plus the texture-rich ribbed coat and cable-knit cowl neck pullover create attractive outfit depth. Tucking the faux leather pants into black buckled booties adds a spot of Hard Edge and lengthens the leg line. A minimalist shoulder bag complements the black in the rest of the outfit, while the brown animal print gloves add cheeky pizzazz. Super finishing touch.

Elle - 4

Elle - 4

The ladylike integrity and combination of warm and cool-toned shades immediately sold me on this skirt outfit. Elle has tucked a lace top into a tweed pencil skirt. The above-the-knee-length skirt and nude pumps create a long leg line on our 5’2″ blogger, while the frilly lace peeking out of the coat sleeves is unexpectedly romantic. Elle bought the dusty lilac coat in petite to achieve perfect fit. The coat colour works beautifully with the big blanket scarf. Opting for one in a light plaid pattern keeps the bulky scarf from overwhelming a smaller frame. The streamlined caramel satchel echoes the colour of the skirt. The burnt sienna leather gloves provide a luxe touch.

Elle loves a good handbag. This is how she picks bags that work for her style preferences and lifestyle:

“I allocate the bulk of my wardrobe ‘budget’ to the purchase of handbags and the occasional fancy frock or designer shoe so I try to plan each bag purchase well. If I were being honest with myself, I really only use six bags with any frequency: two rectangular satchels with zippered compartments, ideally large enough to fit small laptops, one in a neutral color and one in a more saturated color; two crossbody bags from different color families; one on-trend bag not normally in rotation (like the bucket bag which made a comeback in recent years); and one larger bag that can double as a weekender.”

Elle - 5

An outfit of contrasts that combines several styles into one visually coherent Summer look. Elle’s stiletto peep-toe booties and distressed boyfriend denim shorts create Hard Edge. The volume of the artfully draped oversized sweater is reined in by layering over a structured striped trench. The classic quilted Chanel bag brings Ladylike Chic into the mix. Two chunky gold bracelets make a bold visual statement and contrast cleverly with our blogger’s dainty string of small-sized white pearls. Finally, note how the pearls are repeated in the chain-and-pearl handle of the Chanel bag. As always, the devil is in the details!

Elle - 6

A delightfully girly look that, once again, pairs Modern classic pieces with on-trend items. Quintessentially Elle. The happy marigold Chanel-esque jacket makes this outfit for me. The white tipping ties in nicely with the top and crossbody bag, while its prim and proper vibe is counteracted by the relaxed boyfriend jeans. Elle’s lace blouse has a subtle peplum. Its low contrast elongates the torso, thereby increasing the vertical integrity of the outfit. The dark bronze pointy toe pumps and yellow topper don’t match colour-wise, but work perfectly together.

What do you love best about Elle’s fabulous Modern Classic looks? Let us know in the comments, and have fun browsing the rest of her outfits over at Fast Food & Fast Fashion. You can also check out her pinboards here.

Long Culottes with Flat Sandals

A new outfit from Adrienne Shubin of The Rich Life (on a budget), who we introduced to YLF in April 2014.

Adrienne is wearing voluminous culottes in a soft, flowy fabric that collapses back onto the body, thus creating a more streamlined effect. Layering a fitted white cami under the cropped mesh sweater lengthens the torso which shortens the leg line. The cami is covering the waistband of the culottes, but with our blogger’s natural long leg line — Adrienne is 6’2″ — the proportions are flattering. Low-contrast flat sandals further offset the potential stump factor of the long culottes. A white leather cuff and sunnies are all that’s needed to finish off this breezy Summer look.

Adrienne Shubin - 1

Adrienne Shubin - 2


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Welcome to the New Look of YLF

As I’m sure you have noticed, this morning we started the next leg of YLF’s style journey with a completely refreshed design. Greg has been working on this for a few months and Inge and I have been testing it for a few weeks. It was actually running in parallel with the previous design and it felt quite clandestine to be using the new design in secret. But it is so much more fun to reveal it to you and I’m very excited about the changes.

Our goals with the new design were to be bold, simple and friendly. If you are a longtime reader or member of YLF, it should be easy to find your way around. Most things are in the same place and the functionality of the forum and the finds area haven’t changed. If you are new here then hopefully you will find it easier to figure out the value that YLF can offer.

For example, if you aren’t logged in then on the front page of the blog, forum or Finds area you will see a spacious header with a “learn more” link that will tell you in a nutshell what YLF can offer. After logging in the header collapses into a much smaller area so the content is as high as possible on the page.


One big change is that we have unified the front and blog pages. In the new design the front page of the blog and the front page of YLF are one and the same. 

We have added a new dedicated page for the blog archives. Previously this was a dropdown menu, which wasn’t great for browsing. Now you can open the archives page and then use that as a starting point for opening new windows or tabs for posts listed by category, year or month. The dedicated archive page is also a lot more convenient on smaller screens. As before you can use the “layout” control near the top right of the page to view any list of posts in three ways:

  1. As full blog posts in reverse chronological order
  2. As a list of titles
  3. As a grid of images and excerpts

On the forum front page we have allocated more space to the main topic list. This allows us to give each one a little more breathing room and to show some additional info for each topic.

Finally, we have significantly reduced the number of advertising banners around the site. We find it frustrating when sites add ever more advertising to their pages and we want to take that trend in the opposite direction. And with fewer ads, the ads that do appear on YLF will now be more prominent on the page.

There are bound to be some teething problems, so please let us know if you see anything strange. If you are a member, please start a new topic in the “Technical Support” category of the forum. If not, please use the contact form to send us a note. 

We hope you enjoy YLF’s new wardrobe!

Fashion News Roundup: Week 15, 2015

Uniqlo is coming to Seattle, ASOS is launching a line of bridesmaid dresses, pre-orders for the Apple Watch started today, and other news from the fashion trenches this week.

Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that sunglasses made from flat panes of smoky quartz were worn in the 12th century by Chinese judges. Not to protect themselves from the sun, but to appear expressionless  — and impartial — when hearing cases.