Shopping just became a little easier! Welcome to YLF Finds, where Angie is your personal shopper. On an ongoing basis she stocks the store with items that she has either tried herself or found with her clients.

You will find the following information for each item:

  • A description of the item and the reason it is here
  • The body types and fashion personas that are best suited to the item
  • The brand of the item and the store where you can get it
  • The price of the item when it first appeared in YLF Finds
  • Reader reviews and star ratings

Reviewing Items

In the detail view for each item you will find a button that will take you to the review form. You can also get there by clicking on the star ratings in any of the other views. Once you get to the form, write your review in the text area, click on the number of stars that the item deserves, and press “Submit”.

Making a Purchase

Together with the information on each individual item you will find a button that shows where it is available, and the price of the item. Click this button to go to the online store where that item is available. Note that if you make a purchase after following one of these links, then YLF receives a commission.

Happy Shopping!