You can access the YLF website from any modern smartphone that has web browser, including iPhones, BlackBerry phones, and phones that run the Android and Windows Phone 7 operating systems.

For the best experience while mobile you can also use the YLF app, “Realtime Style Advice”, which makes it easy to take a photo of your look with your phone and post it to the forum for rapid feedback from the YLF community. Right now the app is only available for the Apple iPhone and Android based Smartphones.

Here is some information on how the app works. iPhone screenshots are shown, but the Android version of the app looks very similar.

Signing In

If you are already a YLF member you simply need to type in the same login name and password that you use on the website. You will be given the option to sign in if you try to do something that needs to know who you are (like writing a post or viewing your profile). After that you will stay signed in on your iPhone until you go to the settings page and explicitly sign out.

You can use the app without signing in, but you will only be able to view other people’s posts and vote on them. You won’t be able to write your own posts or reply to other posts.

Signing Up

You can also sign up for a new account from the app, just as you would from the website. Just provide a username (for logging in), a display name (that other people will see), password and your email address.

We will send you an activation email with a link you must click to confirm your account. After that, just sign in with the username and password you specified.

Browsing the App

The app provides 4 simple sections to view all of the latest posts, your own posts, and your profile.

  • Latest: This is where you see everyone’s posts, including your own. They are presented in the order that people posted them, with the most recent post on the top.
  • Mine: Your posts appear in the Mine section. The post that received the most recent reply is on the top.
  • Gallery: Here you can see a gallery view of the photos that were posted recently. Tapping a photo allows you to see a post and its replies.
  • Profile: This is where you can see your own profile, including the roles that you have earned through participation. You can read more about member roles on this help page.

Composing a Post

The compose button is normally available at the top right of the screen. Composing a post is very simple:

  • Enable voting: The on/off switch at the top of the page allows you to enable a “Yay or Nay” poll in your post. Voting is anonymous and separate from any feedback that members may offer in replies to your post.
  • Add photos: You can either take a photo using the phone’s camera, or you can select a photo from your library. After you have taken or selected a photo you can optionally crop the photo and blur the photo to preserve anonymity.
  • Add a title and text: Your post needs a short, descriptive title, and a longer description of the feedback you are requesting. If you have enabled a “Yay or Nay” poll, be sure to make your title and description consistent with that.

Once you have composed your post, your are ready to submit it:

  • Post! Press the “Post” button at the top right of the compose screen.
  • Saving drafts: If you don’t want to post right away you can press “Cancel” at the top left of the screen. You will then be given the option of saving your post as a draft that you can return to later by pressing the compose button.

Your Profile and Settings

The Profile section not only shows your activity, it also allows you to edit your YLF profile and change app settings.

  • Edit Your Profile: Press “Edit” at the top right of the Profile section to change your display name, location, profile picture, body type and coloring.
  • Edit App Settings: The “Settings” button on the top left allows you to turn reply notifications on and off, to send us feedback on the app, and to view the YLF terms of service.